Riot Games’ Newly Launched Valorant Can Run on 10 Year Old PCs

Riot Games is going beyond the League of Legends genre as the original game got launched way back in 2009 and continues to have millions of players participating in it. Valorant will be their new game scheduled for launch in the following weeks.

Following the footsteps of Counter Strike Global Offensive and Overwatch, Valorant is a first person tactical shooter. Unlike Rainbow Six Siege, this game will be all about pitting teams of five against each other and encouraging them to capture points or take down their opponents. The game will have a couple of variety of characters with roles like recon, assault and sniper but it will also be similar to Blizzard’s Overwatch because of some of the powers associated by roles in this unique title.

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Based on the screenshots and videos, it seems Riot Games is heading towards the competitive FPS market with Valorant. It directly goes head on against Valve’s Counter Strike GO that is the most popular competitive title in the world. Close on the lines is Dota 2 by the same company but Riot already has League of Legends that is much more popular than Valve’s RTS because of its shorter matches and more action-packed gameplay design.

Valorant will be a free to play shooter and will probably make use of cosmetic items in order to fund the game. Most titles are free today including games on mobile phones like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG. They have millions of players across the globe who spend thousands of dollars every month that keeps the servers going and a similar strategy will be implemented for the upcoming first person shooter from Riot games.

The title is confirmed for release on PC as its primary platform in most regions and anyone with a Riot id will be able to play the free game on launch day. The gameplay preview video should give you a quick overview of what to expect in this title which looks a bit outdated in terms of graphics but may impress with its realistic gameplay.

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