Call of Duty: Modern Warfare War Zone is a Standalone Free-to-Play Game

With titles like Apex Legends, PUBG and Fortnite making giant waves in the free to play format, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is leaping into this entirely new world with War Zone to entice gamers to get onboard.

Compared to these smaller titles that became exceptionally popular in a short span of time, Call of Duty by Activision has been around for decades now. They are among the pioneers of first person shooters and Modern Warfare is easily one of the best games out there in terms of single player campaign as well as the multiplayer experience.

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However, the developers at Activision and its publishing company Blizzard doesn’t want to leave an entire market untapped. The COD Modern Warfare War Zone is a Battle Royale game which will feature 150 players thrown into a large map and the surviving team wins.

150-Players, Massive Map Size

You can choose to be among a group of three, dual teammates or go solo based on which the matchup will be made. The news that it is free to play was leaked by a YouTuber named Chaos. Cash will be the primary element which can be collected across the map and later used to revive teammates, buy killstreaks and more.

Players will also have an option where all dead players will go on a small 1 vs 1 match set in Gulag. The winner will have the option to get back in the fight among 150 other players and others will be eliminated from the match.

Advertisements for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare War Zone went live on Twitch according to a tweet but no official release date is available at the moment. Making it free to play will enable lots of players to get onboard but it is a demanding title and will work only on mid-range and high-end PCs unlike other battle royale games.

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