WHO, Activision and Blizzard Promote #PlayApartTogether Campaign

The World Health Organization has been closely watching the world as quarantining has become the most important solution to the pandemic situation. In the wake of social distancing, the WHO has been encouraging players to play games for hours so that they can stay away from stress and pass the days before things get better.

A couple of weeks ago, WHO considered gaming to be an addiction issue and people who play hours together may end up in dire situations. While the statement still holds true, in some instances gaming is essential as a treatment method. Be it getting rid of boredom, using it as an outlet for your fantasies like living in an entirely new world or spending days on RPGs building that digital quest, everything is possible in the world of games.

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Ever since the quarantine situation became ubiquitous around the globe, there are plenty of Stay Home game sales on major platforms like GOG and Steam. Activision and Blizzard, the two major video game publishing firms have announced the #PlayApartTogether campaign bringing players onboard to enjoy their favorite multiplayer games.

There are lots of great, free online games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Dota 2 and Destiny 2. Besides, you can always purchase single player titles for really low pricing during these sales and keep your mind occupied when it needs to be. After all, being engaged online and speaking over the microphone will also create a sense of belonging among friends and family so that they don’t have to physically meet one another.

WHO has suggested people to make use of the time to spend with family, watch movies or play games so as to keep stress at bay. It is a way that could help most who are stuck in their homes for weeks together before they could start actually going out to movies and beaches to ease off their mind.

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