PUBG Mobile Tips: Guns, Controls, Game Modes & Strategy

Our unique set of PUBG Mobile Tips will help you win that chicken dinner in no time. To start of, PUBG Mobile is the necessary evolution of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that made Battle Royale games serious and competitive like never before. A BR game is where tens of players are dropped onto a map and as it keeps closing, it is up to the player to scout, scavenge and survive using the right weapons.

Be it playing as a team or as a strategy, there are lots of different ways to win that coveted Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Compared to playing PUBG on a PC, PS4 or Xbox One, playing on smartphones is much more competitive due to the limited space. Besides, you are expected to shoot accurately using touch screen controls.

What is PUBG Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that has millions of active players around the globe. Compared to the original game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the mobile version came out as a more polished version of the title. It worked flawlessly on all smartphones, has some great graphics for mobile game and is free to play.

You can instantly invite a group of friends and form a team of 4 players to get into the Battle Royale mode. Besides, the developers of the title continue to roll out amazing updates throughout the year. They have rolled out seasonal events, new weapons, great new maps and lots of tweaks to make the game better than how it was when it got originally released. And with our set of PUBG Mobile tips, winning the game would be breeze, especially with a 4 man squad

System Requirements

The best aspect of being able to play this game is that there is no need to have a powerful smartphone. PUBG Mobile works on iOS and Android. You can play the same game with excellent graphics on the latest iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10. At the same time, the title works flawlessly on mid-range phones that are not originally designed for gaming.

PUBG Mobile Lite is another edition released for Android users who have entry level smartphones. The particular game works even on mobile phones with just 1GB of RAM and allows you to invite all your friends to join irrespective of the mobile model that they use.

PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite on Mobile

PUBG Mobile Vs Fortnite

Fortnite is also available on smartphones but the gameplay style of PUBG vs Fornite is extremely different from one another. While both these titles happen to be first person shooters and are Battle Royale games, they are ironically different from one another. In Fortnite, you as a player will not only have to collect guns, ammo and equipment but should also collect raw materials to construct buildings.

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You can construct an entirely new wall, build a fortress for your team and defend against an enemy outbreak. However, in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds there are no such elements to focus on. For most players, this is the way to go because the learning curve is limited. You can directly land anywhere in map, start looking for guns and gun down any opponents who dare to walk in your path. (Okay! It’s not as easy as it sounds but that’s the basic instructions to play the game)

If you are completely new to this scene, you should consider the mobile version of PUBG because it is free to play and immediately available on every smartphone. It is easy to get into the game, build a group of new friends or invite existing friends to support you to win the coveted chicken dinner.

PUBG Mobile Intro Screen

Prepare Yourself Before Playing PUBG Mobile

  1. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged before you join a game because there are high chances that you might end up playing more rounds than just one when group of friends gather
  2. The phone should be used in room temperature or consider playing in a cooler environment if you plan to extend your gameplay session
  3. The network connectivity should be reliable. While a lot of players do depend on cellular network to play games, Wi-Fi is the best way for competitive gaming as it helps get rid of lag
  4. A pair of headphones are vital because the key to winning the title largely relies on proper communication between your teammates. Everything that they talk should be clearly audible and it is easier to plan strategies when you can directly talk to them
  5. Based on the type of phone you use, set the graphics level for your phone which can be low so as to ensure minimal strain on the device

Ensure a Lag-Free Competitive Gameplay

When playing PUBG Mobile, avoid focusing on the graphical aspect as they could strain your phone’s battery and can lead to lag issues. It also helps run the game smoothly at increased frame rates which is vital for any first person shooter. The faster your response is, the easier it will be for you to lock down an enemy and kill him as soon as you spot one. This one of our key aspects in our set of PUBG Mobile Tips.

Make sure to visit servers that are close to your region to avoid lag. Lagging is a huge issue that often make gamers rage quit a particular game or lead to your avatar dying because you never had the opportunity to react to an attack. Avoid using HDR options unless you have a flagship phone that can handle it. Most devices are designed to run the game at medium or low settings for optimal battery life balance.

Optimize Your Controls

Inside the game’s main menu you have the option to optimize controls as required. It is quite intuitive and an important thing to do. Be it the scope, the exit button or the assigned buttons to access various items stored in your backpack, all these buttons should be placed in the right spots in the headsup display.

The ability to increase the size of your shoot button is convenient as it helps increase your response time. You will be able to instantly aim and shoot whenever you spot an enemy. You can also change the controls and the items displayed in the HUD while the game is in progress. When doing so, find a safe spot inside a building so that no one kills your avatar while you are busy optimizing the settings. Using the gyroscope to aim is something that some players find comfortable.

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At the end of the day, it is up to the individual to decide the controls that best suits their gameplay style. Adjust the microphone volume and make sure you are audible to your teammates. Similarly, if multiple gamers are playing in the same venue, it is important to switch off all the microphones except for one because it can lead to echo. When optimizing your controls, you should also consider having individual controls for vehicle operation and for special weapons like a crossbow as they are isolated whereas your primary modifications are applicable for your character’s movement.   

Game Modes

PUBG Mobile has multiple game modes. The game allows players to go solo, team up with a friend in Duo matches or form an entire squad of four players. Based on our PUBG Mobile Tips, each one of these team up is amazing because the strategy, the type of weapons you pick and the spot in the map will largely vary based on this choice.

Classic Mode

The classic Battle Royale mode is the most popular of them all in which you are pitted against 100 other players in a large map. The game usually takes up to 30 minutes to complete if you can withstand the attacks so long or else it can end in minutes.

Arcade Mode

PUBG War is a game mode inside arcade that allows you to keep respawning as you would do in a game of Quake or Unreal Tournament. The objective is to play as a team and acquire maximum points. The first team to get 100 points will win the game.

Sniper Training as the name suggests is ideal for people who love Sniper guns and would love a quick match, as the entire round lasts just 15 minutes.

Mini Zone is limited to specific days in a week between Thursday and Sunday. It is easier to play, offers more weapons and is usually complete in half the time than the classic mode. The game is also open to play on Tuesdays.

Quick Match ends in just 8-minutes. For players with limited play time, this game mode is ideal and only one type of weapon is allowed such as SMGs or rifles. The game mode is limited to the last four days in a week between Thursday and Sunday, as well as on Tuesdays.

Arcade mode is aimed at players who would love to enjoy variety on weekends or simply don’t have the time to invest in a full game that could last much longer. Besides, you will also gain better experience using different weapons such as snipers or shotguns for longer periods of time. Players who spend time occasionally in the arcade game can perform better in the classic mode with better weapon management and reflexes when it comes to shooting opponents.  

Landing Spot Picks

The maps in the game are rather large as they are designed to accommodate tens of players and will continue to shrink during regular intervals. Before you get into the game, it is important to get new clothes that can be either unlocked or found inside houses in every map. In case, you can’t find permanent clothes as a new player, it wouldn’t hurt to get into the game and find something good to wear until a permanent set of apparel becomes yours to own.

Choosing the best landing spot in every PUBG Mobile is as important as shooting down opponents. While in a team game, there will be plenty of suggestions from different members the basics always remains the same. Jumping into the most crowded spot requires lots of skills because there will be gun firing in all directions and survivability is very less.

New gamers are always advised to find a spot in the corner of the circle or away from it all so that they can grab a vehicle to reach the spot. When you are waiting in the aircraft to jump, look for the right opportunity. As players keep jumping out of the plane, the numbers will significantly reduce in a short span of time. Once majority of the players are out of the plane, it is easier to find a spot to embark.

Handle your parachute like a wingsuit because if you open it much earlier, you will be able to fly to distant places during the fall. Players in maps like Erangel reach spots by making use of their wing suit and it is a skill acquired through regular practice. Focus your view on top of the sky and keep moving while keeping an eye on the map to confirm the distance you have covered during the flight.

“Long range snipers with a scope should be a back up gun in case you have to take them down from a distance”

Red Zone, Last Jump and Weapon Picks

While it is considered a noob move by majority of seasoned players, a newcomer should play like one in order to survive. If you are going to directly jump into the most happening city along with tens of other players, prepare to die within minutes of your landing. Surviving in such a landscape is really difficult and being able to find weapons is even more difficult than it already is in this game.

Be the last jumper

One of the strategies to be the last jumper who will be pushed out of the plane if you haven’t picked any spot till then. The advantage is that most players who got disconnected during the game will be those pushed off the plane. If you can join the lot, it will be child’s play to kill those opponents and earn points.

Besides, it is another way to hone your gun skills and shoot down opponents. Being the last on the plane has a slew of perks because you will not be surrounded by professional players. They will most probably choose a happening spot in the map and will be fighting to gain control of the zone. In order to understand the game better, it is important that you stay alive which is what you can achieve by being the last jumper.

Avoid red zones

A simple but effective advice is that you should avoid red zones at all costs. These zones are marked on the map as soon as they appear. As the color red means danger, it would be foolish to stay inside this spot because soon a series of bombs will be dropped. Anyone who dares stand in open ground will immediately be demolished and those who stay inside their homes might probably survive. Standing on top of the terrace is not a good idea either if those bombs are to make an impact on your armor and health.

While you can still drive a vehicle through the red zone and survive, you can make use of these zones to find more weapons, costumes and scopes for your guns. At times, there are players who may accidentally die in these areas as they pass through and if you are close by, you can drop in for free loot.

Weapons, Vehicles and Landing Points

The weapons are what makes a game tick and there are so many great guns to choose in PUBG Mobile. While we do have personal favorites like having an AKM or a Mini with 8x Scope, individual players have their own play style. Besides, the availability of guns will vary based on where you choose to land in the map and whether players have already raided those specific areas.

For close range firing, Uzis with suppressor and red dot sight are excellent. As soon as an opponent walks into the house or is very close by, you can deal so much damage in seconds before they could react. It will be more like an instant, one shot kill. However, the same cannot be said about opponents who are far off and they require a rifle with a scope to make considerable damage.

Weapons to Choose, Hiding Spots and Survival

As the game progresses into the end with 30 or less players in the survival radar, a lot of these gamers will be camping in different parts of the map. Some of them may choose to stay mobile with a vehicle while others would consider tall buildings combined with a scope. The circle will determine whether they have to move on or not. You should definitely find a rifle like an AKM, Scar or similar with a scope which is mandatory to survive.

Long range snipers with a scope should be a back up gun in case you have to take them down from a distance. Besides, they also help secure kills once you have found a great spot to take them down one by one. At times, it is possible to handle the same scenario by driving a vehicle to a hill top and stay there for some time until the circle demands you to move. The strategies are largely based on the weapons you possess and the current scenario in the game.  

“Trying to revive a teammate as soon as they are down is a very common and repeated mistake that you should avoid”

Strategy Game Guide: How to Win in PUBG Mobile?

  • There are so many great ways to win the game if you have a quick strategy that suits your play style but there are also common elements to follow to enjoy a winning streak
  • Always lie low when you are looting off a create because there will always be enemy players nearby, ready to take you down if given an opportunity
  • When playing as a team, always split up into groups but be in close vicinity so that you can call for help immediately. It also helps to revive a teammate when they are down. So never go too far from a teammate
  • Keep extra dosage of painkillers, adrenaline and energy drinks. They help speed up your character when you are going against tough and fast moving opponents to take down a particular zone
  • Mix a combination of playing aggressive and defensive because imposing a single method to win the entire game to enjoy chicken dinner is next to impossible
  • Crouch, crawl and stay in place when you know the location of your enemy but make sure you to stay in motion if you have to hunt them down in big numbers
  • The late game is designed to be rich in resources and it is important to make use of it so that you can swap for bigger scopes, better guns and armor so as to survive the final fight
  • Be careful when using vehicles to move around because they are loud and are not good for cover as they could blow up quickly than you could imagine. However, if you are fighting people in an open ground as a group, one of them can use a jeep or other closed vehicle to run down enemies

Common Mistakes PUBG Mobile Players Make

Revive later – Trying to revive a teammate as soon as they are down is a very common and repeated mistake that you should avoid. Start looking for threats in the area, work with your other teammates to take down enemies before you can consider reviving your friend because that is when most people end up with all of them dead.

Moving vehicles – Never jump off a moving vehicle because you would end up wounded or even dead if you fall off a cliff. It is not advisable to fight like that until you find a good cover to park and aim at your opponents

Choose landing zone – The right landing zone can help equip the entire team and become stronger early game. You will have a team advantage going against opponents if everyone has armor, scope and sniper guns to cover while other players can use rifles to take down all opponents they come across

Fighting often – Fights often will not help you survive. PUBG Mobile is all about surviving and if you have a strong team, save fights for late game and focus on survival as well as scavenging everything you could find

We hope you had a clear insight with our comprehensive PUBG Mobile Tips and . PUBG Mobile works best when you play it with a group of friends. The strategy is easy to understand as you play more games on iOS or Android smartphones. Get in and you are sure to have a great time.

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