Amazon Expands Game Streaming Service with Crucible

Amazon is stepping into the game streaming service to compete against Microsoft, Google and Nvidia. The new massively multiplayer online game Crucible has been officially launched and the company confirms that they have plenty of other MMO games to be launched in the following months.

Game streaming is at its nascent stage as internet speeds are yet to be widely adopted while 5G network might take another couple of years to be available on all smartphones. However, game companies like Microsoft stepping into streaming with Project X Cloud sounds more plausible. They have a huge library of games and can withstand the competition.

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Google on the other hand likes to be ahead of everyone but their Google Stadia is not at its best with minimal game selection and connectivity issues to be played seamlessly. Amazon Game Studios is the new entity which will focus on providing games through a streaming service at a nominal monthly fee.

Competing Against the Big Guns

Prime Video is one of the best video streaming platforms around the globe and goes directly against Netflix, Disney+ with resounding success. The quality of content will determine which streaming game service will continue to stand despite the growing number of competitors sprouting across the domain almost every month.

Crucible is the new game which has 12-players but will follow Battle Royale design where the last survivor will be considered the winner. It also involves squad and team based gameplay that mixes elements of Fornite into PUBG in order to create the best of both worlds-like experience. Bringing massive amount of players into games is no easy task but everyone is vying for their fair share and it is to be seen how these game streaming services fare in the long run.

Amazon Game Studios is also working on a Lord of the Rings MMO among other game titles but we don’t have a solid launch date or pricing for the service they are planning to expand gradually.

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