Apple iPhone 9 Listing Spotted Online

Apple iPhone 9 which was previously known as the iPhone SE2 seems to be surfacing more often than before. The original launch was set for March but is now being rumored to be launched on April 15th. The phone will be a smaller but more powerful upgrade to the iPhone 8 in terms of design and features.

The device will retain the home button, has a single rear camera and a compact 4.7-inch display. If you are to find a phone this small in 2020 but has the latest processor and operating system running on top of it, you will probably fail in your quest.

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Most smartphone manufacturers believe that bezels are long gone and the notch should never exist. However, Apple iPhone 9 and all their iPhones tend to be different because they continue to sport one of the largest notches even in iPhone 11. It wouldn’t be surprising if it continues to exist in the iPhone 12 that is expected to be revealed in Q4 of 2020.

The iPhone 9 or the iPhone SE 2 edition is expected to cost around $399, making it the cheapest iPhone available for purchase. At the same time, users should be able to put up with its large bezels that look old school and an actual home button. These elements are missing in most entry-level smartphones these days but Apple wants to be different. Some people do love this difference especially when it is being offered at such low cost.

Another variant named the iPhone 9 Plus is also in the cards which will sport a much bigger 5.5-inch display. The advantage is that it will sport the latest processor, run on iOS and have a compact design that should be easy to hold and use. Most people would love this old school cool idea especially if it doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket while bearing that coveted Apple logo. The listing online was spotted on but Apple is yet to send out digital invites.

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