Design Leak: Dell’s new XPS 15 and 17 is on its way

The long wait on XPS Laptops and the precision laptops are believed to come to an end. It is because there is a huge hype about the Dell XPS 15 and 17 leaked images on Reddit by u/WesolyKubeczek. Though the image is currently removed, it is still confirmed that the image is official and not a mock.

Anyways, let us discuss some of the insights about the laptop that we obtained through the image. And let us also consider looking into some of the interesting features that Dell would come up this year on its new precision laptops and the new XPS systems.

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It is guessed that the new redesign of the XPS laptop will have a 16:10 display with the bottom significantly reduced to give it a new aspect ratio. It is also witnessed that there is a bezel-less design with a bigger trackpad and upward-firing speakers. This has led to the discontinuity of the carbon fiber design. Whereas the left and the right arrow keys are the same as usual.

The new XPS laptops have decided to disguise Macbook Pro and the XPS 13 7390 by adding the USB Type-A ports and 3 Thunderbolt ports. Provided there is not an exclusive charging port available on this machine hence it would be via USB power delivery.

When it comes to the new XPS laptops, precision mobile workstations 2020, it is a bit hard to predict the exact SKUs to which they belong to. But we can predict a few design changes from the Precision 7540/7740. The new precision workstations have the ventilation grills to the left side and to have just 3 thunderbolt slots on the same side.

There is no clear view of the back or the rear side of the precision laptops hence it is hard to conclude on the number and type of ports available on the laptops. However, we can expect an HDMI port, Ethernet port and a Display port from a common precision laptop.

The release of the XPS 15 should have happened along with the Intel Comet Lake-H but it is not what Dell has planned for. With the few so-called official images from Dell, we can reliably wait on the official announcement about the new XPS launch.

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