Call of Duty Warzone – Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Call of Duty Warzone is a surprise launch for the Activision developed COD universe. Ever since their inception, it was always about World War games. Warzone however rolls on an entirely different area with focus on the newly popular Battle Royale mode.

For those of you who are new, there’s some good news. Call of Duty Warzone is free to play!

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Typically, in all Battle Royale games, the player will be dropped into a warzone with nothing but their fists. The idea is to scavenge for better weapons, ammo and armor so as to survive waves of enemies who are other players. Everyone is fighting for their survival.

Warzone offers a solo gameplay for those single players who are fighting against a mass selection of 150 players at once in a sprawling, huge map named Verdansk. The game is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The strategy guide will focus on Call of Duty Warzone released for PC where a major share of players are expected to play.

Being a free game and a first person shooter, it wouldn’t be surprising if the game would create mass interest on PC platform against competitors like Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Start by Playing the Tutorial

The new Battle Royale mode is free to download through the Blizzard launcher on PC. If you have a moderately powered gaming PC, you should be able to play the game at medium to low settings. Depending on the graphical capability of your computer, you can enjoy the best visual aesthetics in this game or possibly be happy by making some compromise so as to enjoy the co-op gameplay with your friends

The first and foremost is to play the tutorial. Squad based gameplays are the best because you will always have someone watching your back. It makes sure enemies can’t just sneak up on you and kill you before the loot is complete. Playing with your friends or random buddies online is purely up to your personal interest.

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It is easy to find players online as the game is available globally and thousands of gamers log on every day in order to enjoy the frantic, action-packed experience the game has to offer. Be it yourself or your online buddies, complete the tutorial so that you have a basic understanding of how the title works. Seasoned Call of Duty gamers will be able to understand how movement works, ways to control the gun, attachments, armor and using grenades.

“Pro Tip – If two of your teammates are down, brace yourself for a tough fight until they return”

– Verses by a dead squad

Weapons, Weapon Attachments, Armor and More         

  • Primary Weapon – The primary weapon is what every player should depend on in order to deal maximum damage. Your choice of weapon can be an assault rifle, a shotgun, light machine gun or a sub machine gun. Veteran players may love to have a sniper rifle, marksman rifle or melee but in most cases you will be able to find a rifle or SMG to survive while looking for more powerful launchers and snipers
  • Grenades – Grenades are important in any first person shooter but the big catch is that you will not be able to use them at your will. Make sure you and your teammates are away from the explosion area because it causes an area damage. Both enemies and teammates will get effected if the grenades are not properly used
  • Explosives – There are four different types of explosives available in Call of Duty Warzone and all of them create an area of effect. Always maintain a safe distance between yourself and the enemy team before throwing one of these. Molotov cocktails create a string of fire, can also catch on to an enemy and deal continuous burning damage but if your friends are nearby, they will get affected too!
  • Triggered Mines and C4 – A popular choice among Call of Duty gamers because you can use these explosives to safeguard your hiding position inside a building. There is also the option to place them in the crowd and detonate when a vehicle or enemy passes by. It takes down enemies with one blow or make sure they are down so that you could take them down manually.

The C4 mine may often take some time to be properly detonated. You have to hold the trigger and release it in order to activate it. However, most COD veterans know that the easiest way is to press the reload button twice to detonate C4 in mid-air for maximum damage. The key to success always relies on how effective you make use of all the weapons, grenades and the terrain you have to your advantage.

  • Tactical – The concept of tactical grenades are useful because with the help of a stun grenade, gas or flash, you can completely make the enemies unable to react. Using a flash grenade inside a building or closed doors always blinds your enemies. The entire team of yours can barge in and take them all down before they have time to react. A similar strategy works well with stuns and gas grenades, but there is also the option to use them defensively to escape the zone to recoup your team’s energy.

Understanding Different Game Modes

There are different game modes that you can explore and enjoy with your friends in Call of Duty Warzone.

Battle Royale

The first step is to loot for weapons, armor and ammo. Go against enemies to kill them, complete contracts and create your own loadouts for effective fights against other teams. The ultimate goal is to survive and be picked up by the helicopter at the end of the match


An interesting new mode in which the core objective is to earn as much cash as possible. In the map, you will find plenty of locations where cash will be split in different spots. Keep collecting them but make sure to send them back to base or protect a defensive barrier around your team. When you have the most cash, enemy players will come after you to kill and take the hard-earned money

Battle Royale Solo

The solo survival Battle Royale edition in Warzone is far more complicated and difficult to win because you have to go against 150 other players. You won’t have teammates to help you out and it is mandatory to be always alert. They can shoot you from any direction while you are looting but at the end, if you manage to survive amidst such a difficult zone, you will be rewarded as the grand winner in the round.     

Finding Your Landing Spot in Warzone

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Players who regularly play games like Fortnite and PUBG may have a strong idea on how to choose a landing spot. All Battle Royale games have similarities in their design because some of the areas are designed to offer most weapons while some don’t. However, the most crowded zones are not easy to fight and win because of the huge number of who drop in at once.

Warzone is no different from any other BR game because as a squad your survival is must. Unless you have considerable hours invested in the game, it is not advisable to choose a difficult spot to land. After all, if your teammates are quickly wounded and kicked into the gulag, it is far more difficult for the last person to survive in a fight.

Choose to jump towards the end of the plane’s journey as most players would have found their favorite spot before it reaches this point. For most newcomers and casual players, it is easier and fun to approach the game this way. You will have enough time to loot for weapons, roam the map to understand how it is designed and get familiar with the game mechanics.

Choosing a landing spot that is the farthest corner of the map does come with its own disadvantages because if the circle is far off, you should grab a vehicle to complete the journey. Once teammates have collected rifles, ammo and armor, it is time to stay on the move so that you don’t lose the game when gas envelops the area. Besides, vehicles are also useful to escape an ambush, fend off sniper shots and get quickly out of the zone before someone hiding there could take you down.

Gulag is the Savior in Squad Matches

Unlike other Battle Royale games where reviving is the only way to bring a teammate back into the fight, Call of Duty allows you to fight for yourself. If you die, you will be pitted against another player in Gulag for a gun fight. The 1 vs 1 fights are intense and is your best chance to kill the enemy so as to join the fight again.

If you lose the match, your teammates can earn enough cash so that they could purchase and let you spawn inside the game one more time. With so many options to be revived, it is easy to support your team and be part of the fight until you reach the last squad. Beating the last squad will earn you your coveted victory.

“Take your time to understand the map and its critical points to acquire better weapons”

How to Survive Verdansk? – Map Survival Guide

Call of Duty Warzone offers one of the most expansive maps created in the universe. The map named Verdansk is extensively large because the idea is to accommodate as many players as possible during a fight. Besides, it also provides newcomers lots of open space, complexes and buildings to move around.

The key to survival lies in having access to plenty of guns, armor and ammo. However, the more experienced players will always choose areas close to the center of the map. It makes their life easier because they know how to play as a squad, shoot to kill enemies and survive until they have acquired all the essential stuff.

Call of Duty Warzone Strategy Guide
  • Surviving an open region against snipers is one of the hardest skills that you should learn through the gameplay.
  • Never stay in one spot if you are stuck in a large open area such as long streets, farm fields and runways as people with scope can easily spot to take you down. Trying to hide behind objects in open area is not good too because the enemy can take you down from every direction
  • Similar to the popular advice, run in zig zag direction until you are clear of such open grounds. Never make the mistake of standing in one spot like a sitting duck because you will only make things easier for the opponent to send you to Gulag with one shot kills
  • Playing from high grounds with a sniper takes lot of expertise and the ability to plan you shots. Experience veterans will quickly spot you in comm tower, large buildings or terraces.
  • They have lots of different ways to reach you including helicopters or can simply perch atop another building to take you down. Don’t give them such an opportunity because your survival largely relies on staying on the move because the gas cloud is coming at everyone who is camping for long hours
  • Next comes the tight spots inside buildings, houses and shopping malls. Shotguns are your best friend if you are going to run and gun inside such tight spots. At such close range, they can help you take down an enemy instantly with one solid burst and they will be in Gulag in no time
  • Better be cautious of staying inside indoor locations because snipers can aim you through doors and windows. They will usually wait for you to make a mistake so that they can take you down from a long range or simply use an airstrike if you are on the terrace of a building
  • The urban and rural areas are great for looting as they often provide lots of items including new guns, cash, armor and ammo. It makes it easier to survive in the long run but make sure you have a teammate to cover you when you are busy looting areas. The strategy helps avoid any unwanted surprises

The Right Outfit and Natural Cover – Strategic Move to Displace the Enemy

When you play the game, you will often come across scenarios when an enemy would simply pop out of nowhere and kill you. The reality is that they were in the location for a long time but camouflaged brilliantly into the available natural stuff like boxes, trees or a simple sand mound. Based on the type of armor and vest color they wear, it makes it easier to stay hidden in plain sight and take down unsuspecting enemies when they walk by.

Most players will be really annoyed when such things happen but it is a common strategy in Call of Duty that you should master to increase your survival chances. When customizing your character, choose outfits that are green or pale brown in color. The majority of the natural areas in Verdansk will be similarly colored such as houses or trees.

The right outfit can help you stay camouflaged during gunfights”

When you can simply stay put near a tree or bunch of bunches that are brown in color, your opponents will find it extremely difficult to spot you. Unless and until you make the mistake to start moving or change your gun, it should be tough to identify an object that doesn’t show any signs of life. Besides, when playing as a squad, this tactic can be used to surprise the enemy while a fellow teammate can use a long range scope to take down the opponent.

Rural areas are often great for using the nature to your advantage. There are lots of trees, small huts and buildings that can provide quick cover. The only thing that you should take note of is to not move out without proper planning. Besides, these are not designed to offer permanent protection because an air strike could simply wipe off the entire small building if the enemy manages to find out that you are lurking inside.

Make good use of the cash you steal

Pro Tips to Win Call of Duty Warzone

#1 Always check the corners because there could be proximity mines or an enemy waiting to take you down as soon as you walk into their obvious trap

#2 When calling for drops, rural areas are safer and easier to loot whereas urban zones are more challenging. They may have bigger rewards but make sure you can balance the risk and reward ratio for your entire team

#3 Never challenge an enemy who is on a building, on a tower or higher ground because you are easier to spot and shoot. If there is no cover close by, just start running towards them because it will be tough to shoot anyone below in higher ground areas

#4 Try to avoid open areas as much as possible especially when you are in foot. Consider using any vehicle to cross these areas and reach a safe hiding spot because long range scoped enemies will often be targeting these open zones. Consider running in zig zag position to get out open grounds

#5 Pay close attention to your HUD because if it blinks red, you are probably under attack. A grenade thrown will also be highlighted and you can escape the zone if you are quick enough to notice these subtle but useful flashing icons in your heads-up display

Always help a teammate in distress

#6 Don’t underestimate the power of Gulag. It can go a long way in helping you jump back into action. The prison showers area is where the fight happens and everyone wants to win. Form a quick strategy, stay in one place to shoot down your opponent as quickly as possible

#7 Let your teammates know where you are going to go or if there is an enemy on the other side. The easy marking system is provided by the concept of pinging which is found in all popular Battle Royale games. Call of Duty Warzone is no different. By letting them know when to be alert or find a specific weapon in a spot, you can empower your team for better fights when the situation demands

#8 The walls and other objects nearby are always handy when you need to mount your weapon. This specific feature makes a whole lot of difference when you ae defending from a house or attacking another squad with your friends. If there is at least one person who has his weapon mounted and ready to take down shots, he is more likely to contribute to the kills and for the win

#9 Whenever there is spare cash after reviving a teammate or if you have accrued cash throughout the game, use it to buy loadouts. When the gas circle closes to insane levels with nowhere to run, the loadouts and air attacks can play an immense role in helping you win that particular match with flying colors

#10 Always help teammates find better guns, scope and equip them as a whole. When you play with a squad, it is mandatory that everyone is as powerful as you. The solo game that one might play in the 150-player BR map may not work when there are squads of teams running out. A well-planned strike to kill all of you if individual teammates are not powerfully equipped to be aggressive

Call of Duty Warzone – The Winning Strategy

The game is all about winning but it is equally tough when pitted against tens of squads at once. The winning strategy as with every other game is team play. The more you play as a team, contribute to their kills rather than focusing purely on your own merits will help you come out of the map as a squad. Besides, even if one squad member makes his way out of the gas, it will be considered a win.

The map is easy to understand once you have invested enough hours in game. Warzone is a fun battle royale game because it has the precision of Call of Duty and the freedom to explore, scavenge before you can take on opponents at every corner of the large world.

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