Valve is Working on Steam Controller 2, Patent Suggests

Valve was keen on building a controller like no other and they were focused on the PC Gaming community. The idea was to make the Steam Controller with touch buttons that would allow you to play RPGs, RTS and first person shooters precisely like you would do with a mouse and keyboard.

The idea kind of failed because it didn’t pick steam(!) as intended and went to the dust. The failure didn’t stop Valve from moving further. The latest patent filed by the company suggests that they are probably working on a brand new Steam Controller 2.

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According to the diagram, it will feature components that you can swap. The spot can be used to have a D-Pad or you can switch it to touch controls. The end product will be fully customizable similar to how most of the PC peripherals. The gaming community is completely different when compared to PS4 or Xbox One owners. They always look for customizations, choice of peripherals and the ability to mod them.

Games like Witcher 3 and GTA V witnessed their longest lifetime on PC because of the mods. Valve being a PC-friendly company and the owner of Steam, the digital distribution platform, it is no wonder they want to make the Steam Controller 2 a worthy addition.

In the future, the controller can be used as a way to attach it to the Xbox Adaptive controller for differently abled people. Besides, if it could work out, it might probably be the only controller that you could use with Xbox One and PS4 to play unique games. Titles like Frost Punk, The Sims 4 and strategy games are all meant for PC inputs.

However, Valve’s Steam Controller 2 could change the game if it all works out as intended. The product’s patents look promising but it might take a long time before it gets officially announced.

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