New Windows 10 Update will Support Wireless File Transfer in Samsung S10, S20 Phones

Samsung has been aggressive in making the Android OS seamless similar to how MacOS and iOS works on iPhones. In an effort, they have now partnered with Microsoft and a new Windows 10 Build points to wireless file transfer between their flagship phones.

The feature will also be available on older Samsung devices but they should run the latest Android OS and have newer versions of OneUI built into it. The company makes smartphones at every point and they have a strong customer base for their $300 phones yet is part of the flagship race with their $1400 phones at the same time.

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The value added features are impeccable as Samsung rolled out many features including gesture navigation, dark mode and others before Google’s Android would get updated with the same. The newest feature makes life easier but you will be able to transfer up to 512MB of file size. It is not possible to transfer large movies, music folders or game files because the file size is rather limited compared to what we would have found more useful.

Microsoft Windows 10 has been constantly receiving upgrades that allows it to communicate with Android smartphones. Recently, the build version allowed users with Samsung devices like S10 and S20 among other models to receive text messages on PC, share photos and view the phone display. The feature works with select models.

The file size limit of 512MB will work only up to 100 files at a time. So, it is also not possible to send an entire folder full of files or photos. Link to Windows 1.5 should be installed on Windows 10 and both devices should be in the same Wi-Fi network in order to make file transfer work seamlessly. The feature is great for some quick file transfers without having to manually fumble for a USB cable or use cloud storage methods that are cumbersome.

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