Fortnite Game Guide: Preparation, Weapons, Battle Pass, Strategy and Map Awareness

Fortnite is the holy grain of Battle Royale gaming for millions of teenagers worldwide. While games like Counter Strike, League of Legends and Dota are considered for the e-sports pro scene, the 12-year-olds and lots of mature players love Fortnite for what is offers.

For starters, it is a free-to-play game on PC platform. The game is also available on Xbox One, PS4 and mobile platforms. However, we will focus on making the game better for total newcomers and those who are interested in building a strong strategy for their next game. Besides, the strategy game guide and weapons, map hints provided for PC gamers are often applicable for console gamers as well.

What is Fortnite?

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Similar to the popular Battle Royale game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite is a BR game where nearly 100 players are dropped onto an island. The goal is to collect weapons, raw materials to build structures and survive the enemy onslaught. Almost everyone or literally every moving person would want to kill you if you are going to play the game without a squad. The idea is each men for his own but if you have find a squad of players, be it two or four, you are better off in this frantic survival game.

The first and foremost that you should understand is that this is not a game you can play instantly. Download the title on PC as it is free to play and invest couple of hours to understand the basics. You may not survive every round, it may sound extremely confusing in the beginning but at the end of the day, this is the only way to understand how it works.

You start shooting at enemy players, collect weapons and build walls to protect yourself against incoming attack

How to Play Fortnite on PC?

Epic Launcher is the software program that you should download to play the game. The game is completely free but you might end up buying plenty of items inside the virtual world. In-game currency is a popular form of encouraging gamers to spend more in a title and it works like a charm on mobile games. While the same is applicable for the PC version too, there is no rules on spending too much money in the game unless you want a special costume or skins for your weapon to standout from the crowd of tens of other players.

Besides, there are always season passes, new content downloads and many more stuff that you could either grind with your friends to collect or purchase outright. PUBG is a paid game on PC whereas Fortnite is being offered for free. It is one more reason that got lots of young players on-board quickly. Unlike League of Legends or Counter Strike, the game is far more forgiving and has a simple learning curve.

You start shooting at enemy players, collect weapons and build walls to protect yourself against incoming attack. If it sounds too simple to you, the basic of the game is the same. But, it goes a long way in encouraging players to be much more competitive so that they could survive for long hours. With tens of players moving around you, it is easy to be taken down by an enemy sniper at the most inopportune moment but that’s part of the learning curve.

Two Popular Game Modes

Battle Royale

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The multiplayer game mode where you will be instantly pitted against tens of other gamers in a map and the ultimate goal is to survive as the last player or the squad. For anyone who have played, PUBG this is probably very familiar and should be easy to understand

Save the World

PvE is a concept where you can squad up with your friends and go head-on against computer controlled AI enemies. The idea is as fun as it sounds because you need plenty of teamwork, strategy in order to take down hard opponents. It is a paid version at this point but is expected to become free in future


Crafting Your Own Weapons

Inside the game, players are expected to craft weapons to suit their interest and their playstyle. Similarly, you will also be able to collect recipes and craft your traps. When an enemy walks inside the trap, they will either start losing health or may die if you have created a path full of traps.

Weapon Guide

A large arsenal of weapon collection is what makes the game more interesting and challenging. The title has all the popular guns that you would expect in any title including shotguns, assault rifles, snipers, explosive weapons and grenades.

There are also spears, axes, clubs and even a shopping cart that you can use to directly run into your opponents. All these weapons, the world and the various elements built into it leads to some hilarious moments. The unpredictable events always make the game something new which is why millions of players engage in the battle royale mode while an equal number watch it online on streaming websites.

Weapon Management

An assault rifle is always the most preferred weapon because it has long blast range and accuracy. However, a sniper can definitely take you down if they are far off with a profile choice of weapon. AMR, auto, standard scoped and bolt-action snipers are widely available inside the game.

“Instead of trying to understand and manage all the weapons at once, start with the basics and play couple of rounds”

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While we can delve deeper into this rabbit hole where the damage made by each weapon can be listed for your convenience, we will rather leave it to your practical experience. Play the game, pick up a gun and see how well you can use it. Individual comfort levels and their skills to use a weapon plays a large role in deciding what best suits your play style.

Just because your friend or an enemy seems better with a shotgun doesn’t mean you would like the same. Besides, shotguns and SMGs are primarily made for close range combat. Based on your location in the map and how you plan to survive till the end, it would be great to choose two types of weapons. An assault rifle and a sniper is a great combo but grenade launchers, mines, and traps can equally do some amazing damage.

Instead of trying to understand and manage all the weapons at once, start with the basics and play couple of rounds. You will get a fair idea of what works in real world application rather than solely relying on a guide. What makes a difference in the actual game will allow you to find the weapons you are strong at using because traps work only if you can place it properly. Some players prefer raw firepower and directly run to take down their opponents. Pick your weapon management style and stick to it unless you feel you need a change.

Storm’s Eye: How to Stay Inside the Zone

  1. The biggest selling point of a Battle Royale game is that you can’t just grab a gun and stay in one point until everyone fights to death. The storm’s eye will always keep closing in on your location and keeps you on the move
  2. The map is quite large to hold up to 100 or even 150 players but none of them can stick to one spot as the circle becomes lesser periodically. It is to ensure you keep moving into a smaller circle for more intense combat
  3. Make sure you scavenge for goods and start moving as quickly as possible because you won’t survive the storm’s eye. It has the power to kill a player slowly and eventually none will make their way out of it unless you manage to get inside the center point
  4. In the early stages of the game, you can consider sticking to the corner of the circle. It will be much bigger during this time and will give enough time for almost every last player to collect weapons, ammo, items to build, craft and so on
  5. However, as the game progresses into further levels, the circle’s ability to cover a large area will be much higher and you won’t have much headroom to reach the center
  6. Besides, players who have already planned their position in the center will have a scope and possibly a sniper. Their only goal is to take down opponents who are unaware of this conventional strategy and walk into the middle point at the last minute
  7. Building a strong base using powerful materials such as iron is mandatory as the circle becomes smaller. The base will be your biggest source of protection as the game reaches its final stages
  8. Opponents will be able to quickly blow up a base built of wood and squads sometimes spend lots of time having a strong structure making it really difficult to take them down. Plan it out early if you are playing with a squad and let the person with the most materials handle construction while others can defend him
  9. The map is your friend in this case as it provides continued update on the position of the circle and the storm’s eye. The closer it gets, the timer and other things should always be in your mind because if you are too slow, you might get lost in the wave that has take down millions of players through Fortnite’s years
  10. The situational awareness and the ability to understand how fast the eye moves once the timer ends is something you can understand as you play more games. It may sound like a far cry for a beginner but through practice, you will have much better map awareness when compared to your starting state

The Different Methods that Help You Regain Health and Stay in the Fight

  • Bandage – The most important thing to always keep in bulk quantities because even though they are large in numbers, they can heal you up to 75% of your health. Unlike a medkit, this should be applied independently multiple times and comes in handy at the last minute
  • Med Kit – The best solution for a quick and complete heal. Just apply the medkit and you will zoom to 100% health even if you are in the verge of dying. Players love this and you can also help teammates using this brilliant choice. But, know that only three of them can be carried in your bag at a time
  • Large and Mini Shield Potions – The bigger your shield is, the harder it will be for the enemy to take you with a single shot. Smaller potions can help you additional armor of 25 while the large one provides 50 armor to safeguard you against hard gun shots
  • Slurp Juice, Chug Jug – These rare potions are not something you will find all the time but when you do, make sure to consume them. They have the power to add armor, health and get you back in the fight fully replenished in no time

Crafting – Building Your Own Base in Fortnite

Building structures make the game completely unique when compared to a direct competitor like PUBG. While almost every other Battle Royale game is about killing opponents, collecting weapons and surviving the circle, Fortnite tends to be different. It adds more RPG elements to game so that you have not only collect weapons and ammo but also have wood, iron among others to build a structure for the final battle.

When you first jump into battle, you will come across large walls built by enemy team. Many players would build an infinite number of stairs that allows them to climb to the top. It makes it easier for them to spot players from a distance using snipers and start taking them down. They no longer have to worry about assault rifles or grenades if they are pent up close to the sky. This is one of the many ways built structures can help you get an upper hand in the battles where tens of people are roaming, trying to take down everyone they spot.

Before you get into the world of building, it is vital that you go through the basics in your options menu. For PC gamers, having to utilize multiple buttons for a multiplayer game should be no different. But, if you have all the essential buttons assigned close to each other, it will be much easier to find and use them during intense battles. Besides, not every player have the same fighting style and customizing controls to best suit you will help you in the game.


Basic Controls Used in PC for Building

  • The key Q is used to build walls as the default template but you can always change it using the building mange
  • Click on the surface to place the structure and once done, you can add more walls, ramps to further increase the surface of the structure you built
  • Additional surfaces like ramps and platforms help increase the height of the building immensely because lower level buildings are easily prone to enemy attacks as the circle becomes closer
  • The wall or any other structure will show as green if you can place it but will turn red if you try to place it on an uneven surface or on a rock
  • Look for the icons on your screen that shows how much is left and the materials are required to complete a construction
  • Use the G key to edit a building to add a door or simply create a opening through which you can use your gun and scope to take down enemies who charge in your direction

Beginner’s Tips for Fortnite (Pros May Need it too!)

1. Proceed open doors with caution

Never underestimate the problems that would usually ensure from an open door. Whenever a building has open doors, it is a high possibility that someone is looting inside or they have already taken what they needed. Eitherway, approach the area with maximum caution and don’t just barge in unless you have teammates to support you from behind.

While looting, look around and make sure there aren’t players around to shoot you when you are busy opening a box. Similarly, you may miss good loots if someone has already raided it but you may get lucky in the boxes that are away from plain sight. Make sure the entire building is free of trouble before you start looking for guns, ammo and gather materials for crafting walls during a later fight.

2. Crouch while shooting and to safeguard yourself

Even the most talented sniper will not be able to shoot you down if you suddenly crouch behind a thick wall. Once out of their sight, you can move away from your original position and either take them down or run away. Sometimes, the circle is more than enough to kill camping players. There is no need for you to actually shoot them down because they will die either way once the circle closes in fast. Besides, crouching while shooting will give you a better advantage in your aim and recoil, ensuring kills.

“Don’t make noise and don’t move when you suspect someone is closeby”

3. Traps are more effective

Setting up a trap and luring an enemy into your zone may sound like a tough job. In reality, they are some of the best ways not only to kill someone but also provide you great protection behind your back. When you don’t have a good view and fear that someone might attack you from behind, setup a simple box inside which you can lay down your traps. If anyone walks in to shoot at you, they can possibly die instantly if the trap is powerful enough.

The areas where players are most likely to keep roaming is where you should lay down your traps. It helps you get some quick kills and also help you establish supremacy in your zone. Even if they manage to escape a trap, they will probably lose a lot of health. If you are nearby, you can finish them off before they could try to heal themselves with a bandage.

4. Sounds help find enemies, use headphones

When you are playing Fortnite, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the developers have designed the sound in the game. Use a headphone and you will be able to understand the precise sounds each player makes. Right from the type of gun they use, suppressors and their close proximity can be identified using simple sounds. Becoming a professional player inside this highly competitive battle royale game is all about understanding your environment and learning to survive.

The ability to easily find if a enemy is trying to jump in and kill you just by his footsteps will give you that winning advantage. Don’t make noise and don’t move when you suspect someone is closeby. Forget having music in the background unless you are bent on losing the round as quickly as possible.

5. Use multiple shield potions

The shield potion is not a powerful add-on but it is good enough to save you from a certain death. Most players wait for the right moment to consume potions but always do it much earlier. You won’t know when fights would start and when they do, there will be no time to browse through the inventory. If you have multiple potions, keep drinking them throughout the game and create a small but useful barrier around you. It can help you survive longer and maybe take that final shot before you become the winner of the round.

How Fortnite Strategies Vary?

A game of Fortnite is quite different when you play it solo. Similarly, when you play it with a friend or an entire squad, things could either get really difficult or challenging in some areas while easier in other areas. Understand the map and act accordingly because the entire goal is to survive as long as possible.

Don’t engage in multiple fights before you reach the end game. If you are going to have low ammo or not the best armor and guns before the final fight, the enemy player could take you down much easier. Collect enough materials and stay cautious, you just might win a round but there are always more rounds and maps to explore in another game of Fortnite!

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