League of Legends Game Guide: Champion Picks, Items, Laning Phases and Vision Control

League of Legends is literally the most popular MOBA title in the world with over 40 million players on a global level. For starters, multiplayer online battle arena is shortly known as MOBA where a small team of players will be pitted against each other.

Unlike competitive multiplayer games like Counter Strike where you keep shooting at most times, LOL or Dota, a similar MOBA from Valve focuses on lots of different items. These elements ensure the gameplay is always kept at its peak action and involves lots of strategy to be implemented before you can win the game.

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League of Legends which is shortly known as LOL is developed by Riot Games. The developers took their fair share of elements like maps, lanes and fog of war from Dota – Defense of the Ancients which is originally a mod for the insanely popular Warcraft. But, everything about LOL is different because of how quick and fast-paced the matches are.

With little focus on item usage and more attention to the champions whom you control, every round of 5 vs 5 is a frantic quest to take down towers and destroy the enemy base. The map is smaller, making it easier to transverse and you will find yourself engaged in strong battles against every opponent from the enemy team. The champion picks play a crucial role in how well your team can tank, support or carry to kill every opponent.

The Beginner’s Guide to League of Legends

The MOBA is one of the most popular games of all times with millions of ardent fans around the world. The player count is rapidly increasing with more concurrent players than ever and it is one of the most recognized e-sports among the online community. The prize money is huge and there are so many professional players who spend hours every day to practice and win big in these matches.

While the game is free to play, you will not be able to choose all these heroes at once.

Similar to many other MOBA games, LOL has teams of five people on each side. You will automatically span on either side or if you play as a team, you will be pitted against other players. The map is known as the Summoner’s Rift which has undergone some great improvements through the years and it may sound simplified, but it will take months and years for a new player to master the map area.

In this game, you are in control of the champion.

How to Choose Your Champion?

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Many games prefer to call them heroes or the military whereas in this world, they are the champions. The developers are working hard to add new ones from time to time. But, don’t feel intimidated at start because there are 140 champions to choose from. While the game is free to play, you will not be able to choose all these heroes at once. They will be cycled on a weekly basis and players will only be able to pick those that are available for them during a particular week.

Once you have mastered a single champion and completely comfortable with the playstyle the character has to offer, you can choose to purchase the individual character. However, there are offers available from time to time. The best way to make purchases is to wait for a couple of weeks until you are able to get the ones you prefer on a discount sale.

With nearly 140 champions to choose from, it wouldn’t suffice even if you have a dozen of them in your collection. You might still want to buy more so that you can experience what game has to offer. Besides, having lots of choices in your collection also allows you to pick the right character so that you can give a tough fight to your enemies.

Champion Powers and Abilities

The reason the developer team has so many different champions to choose from is because each one of them is equipped with a special power. There could two powers or sometimes even four different special abilities to choose from. Some of them are designed to be tanky and you will not lose easily even if multiple enemy opponents try to pin you down. The other characters are more fragile but are designed in such a way that they can escape by going invisible or using one of them ability that makes it difficult to trap them.

Each team has to select the champ before the game begins. The strategy involved in the game begins as early as even before the match actually begins. Based on the kind of line-up the enemy team has gone with, you should have a discussion with your teammates and pick accordingly. If you have more experience in playing a particular role such as support or tank, it is important to let team members know it before they can form the rooster list.

The entire game is often win or lost in the beginning during the choosing phase. In case, one of the team ends up choosing similarly powered characters and are unable to directly compete with their opponent, they may give up much earlier. In other scenario, with so many champs to choose from, it wouldn’t be surprising if a tough fight ensues before a clear winner emerges. The best aspect of LOL is the unpredictable outcome of every game which is why it made its way to the e-sports category. The game comfortably engages millions of players who watch it.

Leveling Up, Obstacles and Map Elements

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A series of different tiers of towers will be blocking your path before you can reach the enemies base. There is no quick way to reach the final zone so that you can quickly kill them all. Instead, every champion in the beginning of the match will be allowed to start at level one. There are different ways to level up and leveling up is the only way to become stronger, so that you can beat obstacles to reach the enemy base.

The biggest obstacle of them all is the minions who keep spawning at regular intervals. There are different types including archers, melee and rock throwers. They keep spawning on both sides and continue to fight against one another. Your goal is to kill them all, make sure you don’t get kited by the enemy champs and continue leveling up.

As time progress, you will earn more resources. They are used to buy items in the shop which makes you more stronger than you already are. These items are useful to play against enemy heroes and the more you have, the easier it will be to win team fights. But, it is not child’s play because the map is covered by the fog of war. Your vision will be limited with dark zones and the jungle is where you will find some of the champs.

They will be busy killing creatures in the jungle which allows them to level up faster and also to earn more resources to strengthen themselves. All these activities are carried out simultaneously which is what makes LOL more complex and addictive in the long run. It is difficult to predict the outcome of a game even if you have picked the right champions because there are other elements that continue to affect your team’s performance.

Elements to Know in League of Legends

  • Turrets, Inhibitors

The most common building structure that you should know about is the turrets because they are dangerous and deadly in the initial levels. If your champ is too low on level with hardly any items and armor, it can easily take you down with a couple of hits. However, as the game progresses, you will be much more hardcore and capable of handling the hits while taking down enemy opponents. It will also be much easier to fight under a turret in the late game phase.

  • Inhibitors or Minion Camps

The minion camps are much easier to identify because they are officially known as the inhibitors. When you take your champ closer to the base, it is vital that you destroy the enemy camps. It will ensure the power of the minions spawned are not as strong as it is used to be. Besides, once all three camps are destroyed, your own soldiers will be able to turn into super minions. They are much more strong and can compete with the enemies harder.

The advantage of having super minions on your side for a limited time is that it will provide more space for your champions to fight. While you can engage the enemy, they will obviously forget to defend their base. These minions are more than powerful enough to take down all the enemy minions as well as do considerable damage to the base. If the enemy is not too careful and take them all down, they might even lose the entire game for being careless against the group of minions. These structures are automatically designed to spawn them at regular intervals.

  • Fountain

The fountain is also known as the base where you spawn every time your character dies. The idea is to buy the items you need from the shop present here. Both these elements are combined into one and in order to make any purchases, you should teleport back to the base. The advantage in the game is that if you are really low on health or need to quickly buy an item, a teleport is provided by default. Just click the corresponding button but when doing so, make sure you are not in enemy’s sight.

The chances of an enemy trying to attack you when you are unaware and trying to go back to base is much higher. Besides, it will also lose the experience you have gained so far and the gold you have accrued in time. Management of resources should be done effectively so that you can be quite powerful towards the end of the game.

  • Managing Gold and Buying Weapons

The gold is the important resources to manage in every LOL game. While you might witness that in professional games, players get all these resources so quickly, it is more difficult than how it looks. Being a beginner, you should understand how you can get gold. The ways available include killing a minion, an enemy hero or bringing down the turrets. You will also earn considerable gold when you manage to destroy the enemy’s minion camps.

The ultimate goal of amassing so much gold is to convert it into powerful weapons as the game progresses. There are more complex elements that you should know about such as maintaining the timeline and acquiring enough XP every 10 minutes or so. But, as they are advanced and require more time to practice, you can consider understanding the basics first. They help play the game rather than trying to master it at once.

Champions – Health, Mana, Damage and Other Stats

Playing with a champion is the highest skill that you can acquire in time but the basics remain the same. Your champ’s health levels should always be kept in check because the green bar is what ensures you can stay in the fight. Every team fight is mandatory because only when teammates contribute their share and not die because of being careless, they will proceed another step towards victory.

In many cases, team play fails which is why it is better if you can find a couple of friends online. Finding similarly skilled players with strategies that work well will make all your LOL games more fun. You can either invite them to play with you, complete quests and also purchase champions based on your role in the team. These are some of the quick tips but the better zone is where you understand about damage and other stats you should keep track of.

Mana is another element that allows you to cast multiple abilities and powers. It can be a stun, a quick blow or a way to stop the enemy from fleeing. The better your health and mana management is, the stronger your entire team will be. Balancing these elements is the road to success as you play more League of Legends matches and understand how different players make use of the champions they handle every round.

Other Elements That Determine Your Win/Loss Ratio

  • Attack speed – Being able to attack enemies faster with higher damage is the best way to take down even the most stubborn enemy. However, it may not work well for every hero. Besides, when you spend on items you can’t simply focus only on attack speed but also on the physical damage being delivered in order to make your champ into an absolute killer
  • Cooldown reduction – All your abilities once used cannot be immediately used because each one of them has a specific cooldown time. For example, your ultimate ability will take the highest time before it can be used again whereas some other abilities can be spammed multiple times with shorter cooldown times. Some items help reduce this timer and makes you more powerful during team or individual fights
  • Movement speed – As simple as it sounds, your character has a specific movement speed in the start. You do have the option to make them move much faster so that you can reach the fighting spot in time. There is no other way to reach a battle happening in the middle of the map except for your base movement speed and your special ability to boost it from time to time. Buy boots in the shop with the gold collected and it will help immensely
  • Critical strike – A deadly power which when increased in probability can allow you to take down opponents with just two or three blows. While you will still be attacking with your base damage, the critical strike chance will deal double the damage quickly. In case your avatar has a 50% crit chance, it can slash damage every  two hits making it much easier to take down enemies
  • Magic resistance – Every champion has a physical damage and a magical damage capability. Some of them may have more magical damage and they are usually deadly against tank heroes. However, if you can purchase items that improves your magic resistance, you are less likely to take damage from abilities and can withstand much longer

Different Ways to Level Up Your Champion

  1. All the champions start at Level 1 inside a game of League of Legends. The game’s fast-paced action is delivered because of this element because unlike World of Warcraft where you can level up for months, you should start at base level in every game
  • The maximum level that you can reach is level 18 by which your champ will be the most powerful version of himself or herself
  • Obviously, during this level up process you would have accrued lots of gold and that will help further strengthen your character’s armor, magic resistance, attack damage among other stats
  • When farming in jungle camps, the XP level will be delivered only to the hero who delivers the final blow to kill it. Avoid jungling with multiple champs because it reduces your chances of acquiring XP
  • When players team up to take down turrets and minion camps, the XP level gained will be shared by the entire team. Irrespective of whether your teammates are in the spot or somewhere in the map, they will receive the level up before they join you

#10 Must-Know Tips to Win League of Legends in Season 10

League of Legends has been the most popular MOBA game through the years and entered a new decade in 2020. While the game is exciting as ever, it has also been updated a lot by the developers to balance the champions and to keep it fresh for new players and old players alike.

Manage your vision score

The game has undergone some major changes and it is essential to manage your vision score. There are so many items and consumables that you should buy. The trinkets and control wards are important to have vision control in a zone. Neutral sources like rift scuttler will also provide you better vision before a champ casts his or her own abilities

Ban the right ones

Banning the right heroes goes a long way because imbalanced heroes can make or break the game for your entire team

Focus on effective builds

The items that you buy and when you buy them will make all the difference because they have the power to make your champ more powerful than the initial laning stage

Keep track of patch notes

If you own a dozen champions, consider keeping in touch with the patch notes to know the changes. It makes it easier to know when they buffed a character or made minor modifications to the abilities or most importantly, the ultimate


New season, new MMR

The great addition is the MMR being reset every time during a new season. Be it a seasonal player or someone new, you have the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Fix a new strategy and try it with a new season in 2020 or any year for that matter

Evaluate your opponent champs

Some champions are directly designed to kill you with a single blow because their magical attack or specific abilities can dispel your most powerful attacks. Be aware of them during a pick and stay ahead of the curve to face matches

Honor teammates

The more friends you make during a season, the more challenging and fun LOL games will be. Once a game is over, honor your heroes for their specific abilities. They can commend you back and such team skills will help build great associations in the long run

Find your go-to champions

With over 140 champions to choose from and an ever-growing list, it wouldn’t be surprising if you feel lost. Just pick two or three champs and master them. Irrespective of the changes, you will be able to face games with a strong face

Try to go for first blood

You will gain more gold if you can go for first blood or try to kill a champ under the turret for the first time

Tilting is a bad habit

Irrespective of the season in League of Legends, assuming that you lost a game early is just wrong. Don’t tilt towards a loss and start feeding but wait for the late game when some heroes could deliver exceptional damage

League of Legends Season 10 will open up lots of exciting news including new champions, map improvements and character alignments. Stay in the news, follow Riot Games Twitter channel to know more and you can enjoy your game solo or with a group of friends as you climb the rank ladder.

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