PS5 Release Date To Be Confirmed By Sony

Sony recently announced that COVID-19 is not going to delay the expected PS5 release date of its newest product, the PS5. That is certainly good news for video gaming fans. Yes, unlike a lot of other events that have been delayed all over the world by the virus, the same won’t happen to PS5. In fact, it is still scheduled to be released to the public on this year’s holiday season. Yes, that means anytime between September and December.

Nobody knows how much this thing will cost but it is expected to be between the $400 to $500 mark. Sony may be looking to wait for the release of Microsoft’s Xbox X before making a decision regarding the price. That is not expected until later this year too because they will also have a lot to think about. They are also aware that if they raise the price, then the demand will sink. That actually happened with PS4 so they are expecting the same thing to happen with the newest version.

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The features certainly play a huge part in the price of the PS5. The main reason the price is expected to be high is because of the new VR feature. Yes, you can play VR on PS5 so there will be a ton of games you can play. Speaking of games that can be played, you can play PS4 games too. There has yet to be any announcement regarding what games will be available for PS5 when Sony confirms it’s PS5 release date at the end of this year. Just like past game consoles, the franchises will make their latest games available for the latest console. Thus, there won’t be a problem in that department.

One of the most awaited features of the PS5 is the PS5 4k blu-ray player. Yes, not only is it a game console but you can also also play movies in blu-ray format there. Thus, there would be no need to buy a blu-ray player to watch your favorite movies. It is like two appliances in one. You can even take a break from playing your favorite game to watch the latest movies. Besides, there will come a time when you get tired of playing the game.

The SSD is going to be pretty valuable and you won’t need to save all the data there. Also, SSD will allow things to be loaded faster. That will definitely make gaming a lot more easier. In addition, you will have a lot more control regarding how you would install games. Yes, you can pick certain modes of a game that will be included and the ones that will be left out. There can be some game modes of certain games that you don’t necessarily like and you can omit that as you please. The best part about SSD is that it lets you jump into a certain part of a game immediately. Yes, there would be no need to go over the start of the game all over again. When you load the game, you will be right back where you left off.

PlayStation 5 concept design. (Image source: Snoreyn/LetsGoDigital)

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