Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Review – Revisited

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has a huge following since it has been in mobile devices for quite a long time. In fact, it has been there for as long as you can remember. Is it any good though? The characters are quite nice and you can easily relate to all of them. The story changes all the time so you always have something new to look forward to. Yes, you are not going to play the same thing all over again.

Global Events

There are also global events where you get to compete with other players from other nations. It is a great challenger and it will feel great when you win. You will even meet new friends and you can share tips with them. There is no need to get upset over losing to someone from the other end of the world. You just need to remember that this is just a friendly game. You may want to win but that is the same thing everyone wants. There are new characters all the time and you will think about playing as them during global events. When there are holidays, characters are made based on those characters. For example, if it is the holiday season, you can expect someone to be dressed as Santa Claus or the Grinch.

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The official launch of season 3, chapter 1 was made in January and trailer looked very promising indeed.


The story is divided into seasons so you feel like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a TV series and you get to decide the outcome. Just like any other TV series, there will be a lot of interesting twists and turns. With each mission given to you, you are going to encounter something different. It is like from one completely scenario to another. Thus, there can be no means by which you can prepare for the missions.

You just need to focus on the task at hand. As expected, your characters start as being low-rated. It is up to you to increase the levels of those characters so they can be pretty useful to you in the long run. That is definitely not easy as you are going to encounter a lot of trials and tribulations. Just like any other game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius delivers a ton of surprises along the way.

Of course, we won’t spoil it as we would like you to enjoy the game. It is a game that has challenged us unlike no other. In fact, we look forward to playing it all the time. There will be a ton of references in the game so we must tell you to just watch out for that. There are other ways for you to see them but we would want nothing more than for you to watch out for yourself. The references are all pretty cool and they each have a different meaning. Over the years, Final Fantasy has improved itself and that will immediately be noticed in this game. In fact, we got a lot of cool rewards along the way and each one is pretty much worth it.

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  1. This was the BEST Final Fantasy I have played in a long time. Not since 12 have i actually felt a connection with the characters. The reviewer forgot to mention that you can turn on a more traditional FF play style but I had more fun with the standard combat. Zipping around the battlefield while having my team pull off epic specials was fun. That moment he mentions getting cut off though, I actually liked it. I made me appreciate my team more. Also they give you a freaking awesome weapon so its not like they are completely stripping you. Over all, this is my favorite Final Fantasy hands down.


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