Fortnite Battle Pass – What is it? How to Buy One?

Fortnite Battle Pass Season 2 was a runaway hit that introduced the concept of Shadow vs Ghost gameplay. Millions of gamers enjoyed the concept like no other as well as the myriad choices of costumes, weapons and map elements available to spend their time on.

For the sum of $10 that you paid, Season 2 Battle Pass offered way more value than what anyone would have originally expected when they first ventured into this exciting world. However, with such huge expectations, Season 3 pass is just around the corner and should somehow live up to the hype the developers of Fortnite has created with their last release.

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Before we jump into the big rumors and reveals, here is a quick overview of what a pass actually do, how much it costs, duration and why you should definitely buy one if you have been playing this Battle Royale game continuously.

What is a Battle Pass?

A Fornite Battle Pass is a popular form of limited-time events that are hosted in-game with a series of special goodies. In Fortnite, you will receive special skins, costumes for your character and new missions, special XP among lots of interesting add-ons throughout the season.

Duration of the Pass

Typically, most battle passes announced by Epic for their popular battle royale game lasts for 60 days. During this two month period, you will be able to make use of special emblems, new costumes and participate in events that span across the globe. Every year, the theme keeps varying so as to keep a large number of players interested in it.

Can you buy it with V-bucks?

Initially, if you are a completely new player to the world of Fortnite and its battle pass system, you should consider purchasing it using 950 v-bucks. In the real world, it will approximately cost you $10 or somewhere close based on the region you live.

The in-game currency can be acquired in different ways but one of the best thing is that if you buy the pass once, you will have an opportunity to play and earn more V-bucks. In the current Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3, the developers offer a way to earn up to 1500 V-bucks by continuing to play the game once you have purchased the pass.

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You can actually buy the next pass if you earn this and keep doing it as long as the offers keep rolling in. For ardent gamers and big time fans of the battle royale mode, this is great news because you will have a steady stream of new content to look forward for 60 days every time they announce the event. 

How to buy Fortnite Battle Pass?

The pass can be purchased on different platforms directly from the official store.

PC gamers can purchase Fortnite Battle Pass Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3 pass on the Epic launcher where they usually login to play the game.

PlayStation Store for PS4 gamers while the Xbox store works best for Xbox One players.

You can also purchase it on Mac and iOS, Nintendo Switch for those select few who enjoy their games on these niche platforms.

How much does the pass cost?

According to the official website, Fortnite Battle Pass when purchased in-game will cost you 950 V-bucks. It is the in-game currency used to purchase lots of cosmetic items, gun camos, accessories and much more.

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When converted into real world scenario, it will cost you $10 using which you can purchase the 950 v-bucks and get the pass. However, the offer that allows you to get back up to 1500 V-bucks makes it one of the best deals as you will get the best value for your money.

The pass costs similar on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

What to Expect in Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3?

Compared to the past, the developers at Epic games for some odd reason extended the period of the Battle Pass Season 2 by an insanely large period. It was supposed to have way back in February but is still going strong with no sign of new pass.

However, Season 3 will start on June 4th, 2020 and unless it is postponed for an odd reason, the new Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 will be launched according to schedule. The only problem with it is that people are working from home during this period and it might have a staggered launch.

Most new launches for any competitive multiplayer games end up with lots of bugs and it is up to the developers to fix them with multiple updates. The trend continues for all major launches like Overwatch, Counter Strike and recently, another Battle Royale Call of Duty Warzone. Players often get frustrated over these staggered launches, bugs and glitches but it is something that you should be ready to put up with in the next season too!

While we don’t have exact rumors on the content of the new season, it is expected that PvP will play a huge role. Instead of the ghost and shadow gameplay mode, Epic might launch something new to keep players engaged for months to come. After all, it is what makes the games so interesting with every season and considering the pricing of the passes, you often get great value for money.

The new Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 will cost similar to the Season 2 pass priced at $9.99. If you are an ardent fan and wouldn’t mind investing more, you could go for the $24.99 pass that costs 2,800 V-Bucks inside the game.

There are so many great ways to earn V-Bucks inside the game and there are different ways using which you can purchase the battle pass without paying a dime. It just requires some dedication, gameplay skills and the willingness to invest your time so as to save your hard earned cash. Even if you choose to pay right off your wallet, it wouldn’t hurt considering the tons of content Epic offers on Fortnite Battle Passes every season and the immense fun that follows.

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