5 Best Google Doodle Games to Play in 2020

Google Doodle Games are some of the wackiest stuff that you will find on the internet. It is not done by nerds or enthusiasts but rather by Google itself! Most brands are wary of messing up their logo but the doodles are always spot on, providing people more information, games to play and catch up with history in unique ways.

The 5 best Google Doodle Games are amazing because they are not your typical mobile or console gaming but rather something that you could do in an office desk. Just harmless fun time, why not?

Pac-Man – Go retro

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Pac-Man is the most popular game that usually needs no introduction and even if you are completely new to the scenario, escape using arrow keys. That’s the simplest version of the game available on Google archives and allow you to enjoy it with the comfort of your browser.

Rubik’s Cube – Savvy, are we?

For the intelligent people out there, Rubik’s cube always poses a challenge. The cube is even harder to twist using a keyboard but there are instructions to help you move it and play it as a Google doodle. The page was hosted to honor the 40th anniversary of the toy.

Doctor Who – 8-bit fun

Once again, it is nostalgia time as Doctor Who is brought back to life as an 8-bit arcade game. Your ultimate goal is to keep fighting guns and obstacles until you rescue G O O G L E – the letters.

Halloween Search – Search in the dark

The objective of this multiplayer game is to pit 4v4 teams which you could do with family or colleagues. Search for flames before the sun goes up. The ghosts will get more speed, night vision (really?) and more powers to keep the hunt going.

Basketball – Google edition

Among the best Google Doodle Games, Basketball could easily be a cringe-worthy title but nevertheless it is fun, addictive and great inside a browser. Released way back in 2012, it is a simple game that keeps you coming back for more.

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The list keeps growing but these should keep you busy for a long time to come and Google will keep making more games which we are sure of.

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