Headphone Jack Water Damage in Android Phones and Older iPhones – How to Fix it?

Smartphone manufacturers are great at promoting their newest models to be completely waterproof but they have also removed the 3.5mm jack. It voids the issue of headphone jack water damage but it still exists in older phones.
While there are no foolproof ways to fix it in an iPhone or an Android device, here are some important tips on how to handle the issue.

Check water immersion level

Water damage can be evaluated based on whether you completely dropped your phone into a bucket full of water or just splash damage. It is easier to retrieve something that had just splashes compared to complete immersion

iPhone service can help

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iPhone service centers around the globe have been handling headphone jack water damage through the years even though newer models no longer have the 3.5mm jack. They do take it in but there is no guarantee to make it work.

Use a swab to clean it manually

Just use a cotton swab to remove any water droplets left on the jack and let it dry for an entire day. The phone often works 24 hours later once the moisture is automatically removed

Never use heaters or hair dryers

A common mistake that could completely destroy the electronic board. Never use heaters to remove moisture as it is never advisable to do so

Plug in a headphone jack

If you have an unused or broken headphones, use the jack to plug it in and out multiple times. The process helps remove water and also ensure your iPhone or Android comes out of the always connected headset issue.

While removing the phone’s back panel is a good idea to help dry it faster, unless you have expert assistance, it is not advisable to do so. Besides, headphone jack water damage is often fixed if you let it dry for a day but don’t do common mistakes such as leaving it out in the sun or using a dryer. Your phone should be fine if you give it some time to cool off.

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