Microsoft Surface Duo Specs Leak Suggest an Affordable Innovation

Microsoft Surface Duo is the dual-screen phone plus laptop that is supposed to be insanely good an productive like a laptop. If we are to believe the newly leaked rumors, Microsoft Surface Duo specs got out earlier because the product is being tested in close quarters.

Being a smart device (we are not sure if this can be called a smartphone yet!), it features the reliable Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Skipping the newest flagship processor can help keep the product’s pricing under control because the dual screens will already push its cost over $1,000, if we are to make a wild guess right now.

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The Surface Duo will sport a 5.6-inch display on both sides. The AMOLED displays will have a resolution of 1800×1350 and in theory, you will be able to watch movies or YouTube videos on one side while a PDF can be open on the other to get work done on the go.

It seems like a good choice that Microsoft didn’t use the 5G powered 865 processor because it saves money, the need for the newest network is less on an innovative device as this one and also helps keep the pricing under check so that more people would buy it. The device will have a decent 6GB of RAM with 256GB of storage. The space should allow people to use it like a laptop albeit it is as small as a smartphone and can be carried in your back pocket.

The Microsoft Surface Duo specs also include a 3,460mAh battery which if well optimized should last a day and may also have fingerprint sensor. Microsoft Office will be available on it for launch day and will enable people to use it on dual screens, while Android’s other apps may have to cope up with this changing trend.

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