Overwatch Fourth Anniversary Special is Worth Taking Part In

Blizzard’s competitive shooter Overwatch has gracefully completed four years in the making and is a solid FPS with lots of MOBA elements blended into it. The Overwatch fourth anniversary special is a three-week event that you could take part in and collect enough XP among lots of other special goodies during this season.

The anniversary event is underway on all major platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Surprisingly, Nintendo Switch is part of it even though we are not sure how competitive you can be on a platform that is meant for platformers on the go.

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The event officially opened on the 19th of May and has been titled as Overwatch Anniversary 2020 which will give out special loot boxes, spray, player icons and much more. Majority of them are being handed out for free if you simply play the game during this season while everything else will be locked under special events, challenges and other rewards so as to add a sense of competition to winning them.

If you manage to win a total of 9 games in a week, you can unlock the unique Carbon Fiber Sigma Epic skin. The other skins that are rare to accomplish will include Masked Man McCree and Fleur de Lis Widowmaker.

For players who are not big fans of these particular characters, there are hordes of other skins to be won during this Overwatch fourth anniversary special. The list includes Submarine Wrecking Ball, Dragoon Mercy, Masquerade Reaper as well as Little Red Ashe.

The officially Overwatch website provides more information on things to watch out for in the next three weeks as it keeps changing on a rotational basis. The game is as fun as it has always been as players gear up for Overwatch 2 and it will introduce more PvE campaigns when it gets launched on all available platforms.

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