Serious Sam 4 Gameplay Trailer and More Screenshots Arrive

For the newer generation, moving in a frenzy and shooting everything that moves may sound absurd. It is an entirely different story for the older generation because Serious Sam 4 gameplay trailer and the new screenshots bring back lots of nostalgic thoughts from the past.

The game is getting released in 2020 which obviously means it will have the newest and meanest graphics in which you could create havoc in the fictional world. The Serious Sam series dates back to an era when games like Doom and Half Life was slowly exploring the innovation called first person shooters.

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Things have changed a lot in the past two decades because games look better than real life and virtual reality is a thing. The concept of shooting all kinds of demons and monsters with an excellent shotgun still holds its weight because of the huge fanfare this prequel has received. From a storyline perspective, the game is set before all the titles in the series started and there will be new zombies that players should take care of in this game.

Named the Belcher and Processed, all these zombies and monsters will be hard to kill but with an exotic array of weapons, you will definitely find it enjoyable to try killing them in multiple rounds. Players can purchase the original copy so that they can go online in 4-player co-op mode and it is definitely not for the faint hearted.

The battlefield will be larger than most because of the new game engine and the improved graphics. The developers further add that this will be an exciting time to go back to the roots and enjoy the title as it has always been. The newly revealed Serious Sam 4 gameplay trailer along with some screenshots should give you a good idea of what to expect if you choose to purchase the title.

Serious Sam 4 will get released in the month of August, 2020.

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