Top 10 Free RPG Horror Games For All The Game Lovers

Gaming is a passion for many people. The gamers know how much important it is to find a great game that can match with the taste and preference. One of the most popular types of game that the gamers love is the RPG or role-playing games. These games can be of different genre but we will specifically talk about the horror role-playing games. We will also discuss about the top free RPG horror games that you can choose to play for your pastime.

What is RPG horror game?

A role-playing game or RPG is a type of game where the players act as the main character in the fictional setting. The setting can be of different types. As we are talking about the horror genre, the RPG horror games mean the player assumes to be in the role of the horror setting. Here, he/she will take the responsibility to act out that role within the specific narrative. Also, the player has to make decisions regarding the character development or the path to choose in the horror game. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Well, if you are a game lover, then you can definitely try one of these games.

List of RPG horror games

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Here is a complete RPG horror games list consisting of the games that are the most popular ones. Whether you are a pro gamer or just a beginner, you can try out these:

1. The Witch’s House (PC)

If you love the horror adventure games, then The Witch’s House is the best one to consider. This is a free horror RPG Japanese puzzle-based game. The game is filled with some really challenging puzzles and the gameplay is mainly based on exploration. The game is full of some unique sound tracks and art which are quite enough to give your thrills and Goosebumps. This game is available on PC.

2. Mad Father (PC)

The next most popular one is the Mad Father. This horror RPG game is about solving different puzzles and escaping the dangers while collecting some items and exploring the whole scenario. This game is based on a huge haunted mansion with an interesting background story. The story revolves around a 10-year-old girl who lived in the mansion with her father and a maid. The father was not normal but a scientist who is always locked up in the laboratory making some strange noises. The game is the girl must do her best for surviving and discovering the secrets of her father’s actual work.

3. Misao

This is one of the most popular RPG horror games which is about exploring, interacting, solving puzzles and collecting items. It is quite similar to that of the Mad Father. This background story is about an unfortunate girl named Misao who happened to disappear just 3 months before this game takes pace. The main player plays the role of one of the classmates of Misao. You can choose it whether you want a boy or a girl. This game is full of adventure and takes place in the school grounds. But after a massive earthquake, the entire school is trapped into a different world. As a player, your main mission is to find the reason behind Misao’s disappearance and then break the curse to come back.

4. The Crooked Man

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Are you looking for one of the best free RPG horror games based on adventures? Then this is the one for you. The game is designed in such a way that it can give you real goosebumps. Games can be more fun to play if the graphics are great and have an amazing sound effect. You get both in the game of The Crooked Man. It comes with a very sad background story. You will get multiple options to choose from as you play along. This game is available for free download in PC platform.

5. Schuld

This is another free horror based puzzle game available for free. This RPG horror game is created by Kelven. In this game, you play the role of a man named Aaron who finds himself in a world which seems to be slowly collapsing around him. This comes with a relatively much shorter game play which will last for 3 hours. But the story is great along with really interesting action elements. There are challenges that you have to accomplish to complete the mission. This game is available in PC platform for free. As of now, there is not steam remastered version for this game.

6. Pocket Mirror

The Pocket Mirror is another free RPG horror game which is based on adventure. This game is created by the Circle Astral Shift. With amazing mysterious background story and some real horror elements, this is a beautiful game that you can play. This game comes with great story plot where you have to solve some puzzles to finally reach to the ending on each stage. Even the background music of this game is really good along with the graphics and characters.

7. Hide & Seek – Story of Dorothy (iOS/Android)

If you are looking for a great game for your phone, then this is the one. It is one of the free RPG horror games download available on both iOS and Android phone. This game surely deserves a spot on this list because of its rare nature. Unlike all other games, this Hide & Seek game starts of where the player knows nothing about the plot or even the character. The only thing that is known to the player is that the main character is of a young girl whose name is Dorothy. The background of the story is that this girl will hide herself in a closet while playing hide and seek. When she comes out of it, everything is completely different. This is a game with great horror elements where you will experience supernatural occurrences, bloody corridors and traps.

8. The Strange Men Series

If you are looking for one of the great free RPG horror games with different stories, then this game is the best one. Till date, a total of four games are released in this series and each one of these come with a very unique and interesting story. Though the stories are different, the characters are connected in a very surprising and strange way. The game is full of thriller, horror and suspense which are nothing less than a horror movie itself. You can enjoy every bit of it while playing this game on your PC.

9. Nightmare of The Snow

This is another PC game which is based on some Japanese horror stories such as The Ring which is the most popular one. The main story is quite complicated and the game is also quite lengthy. The game is quite interesting and that interest will be intact right till the end of the game. The background story is quite unique where a high-school girl along with her friends discovered that they are transported to a completely different dimension where they are fully trapped by curses and ghosts. Now, the game is that they must find a way out from there. A sequel of this game is also on the making and the next part will soon be available. It can be one of the best and most amazing upcoming PC horror games for you.

10. Ib

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This is another PC game which is available for free. It is a puzzle-based RPG horror game which comes with different endings. The main backdrop of this game is an art gallery which is full of some weird and hideous paintings and sculptures. The main character is a girl whose name is Ib. You will have to play that character where you will visit this gallery with your parents. This normal and happy family outing will turn upside down once the girl finds herself trapped alone in that gallery. Now, the main game is to get out of there. You have to solve some puzzles and brainstorm to find a way out from there. This game is also based on PC.

Final Verdict

RPG horror games are quite an interesting genre of games that you must try. If you are a gamer and you want to try on different games, then this can be the perfect one for you. The amount of excitement and thrilling elements that these games give you is incomparable. All these top 10 best free RPG horror games are available for free which you can download on your laptop or computer. Only the Hide & Seek game is available for the Android users as well as for iOS (iPhone) users.

Each and every game comes with a unique and amazing backdrop and story plot which can grab your attention for a long time. You have to play the role of the protagonist and make the calls on her/his behalf to carry out the game and accomplish the different goals. Once you achieve all the given goals and you win it, you can go to the next level (if applicable). You can also wait for more updates as there are always new games cropping up. We will surely let you know if any game comes up and becomes quite popular. Till then, you can enjoy playing all these 10 games on your PC and enjoy your time.

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