10 Best Google AdWords Expert to Follow

Guys, it is, absolutely, great to expound some key things about some Google AdWords Expert and those things that make them great in the online marketing industry. This is because for years Google AdWords has served as a medium that gives different business organizations desirable and conspicuous growths by being an intensive online means of promotion. Every company has a vision, which primarily is to meet the needs of target customers by providing products and services when expected. And through Google AdWords Expert, the thirst for getting more customers for available products and services will be quenched to a minimal state.

Obviously, one of the highly effective ways to get a customer’s attention is through marketing. This is where Google AdWords Expert feature to give you the best marketing results for business success. So, what can we say, explicitly, about Google AdWords Expert?

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First of all, what is Google AdWords? Google AdWords simply refers to an online means of promotion through which people advertise their services and products vis-a-vis brand, content, and website, and so on, by using specific keywords to drive traffic to their websites or do a practical analysis of visitors and convert them into leads. It is used by all sizes of businesses (small/home/local businesses and huge/ multinational companies). Through Google AdWords, keywords are displayed on different pages of Google web for the purpose of advertisements after ensuring that both the keywords and content correspond.

Furthermore, the essence of Google AdWords is deeply entrenched in its function of offering an efficient ground for advertisers, purposely, to achieve traffic increasingly on their websites which necessarily does not require buying advertising inventory on other websites. This act does not direct itself. It is best controlled by professional entities who over the years have accumulated adequate knowledge to help those who want to go through the ideal way to achieve traffic and leads. These professionals are referred to as Google AdWords Expert. Google AdWords Expert are pay-per-click(PPC) certified specialists with excellent and adequate experience in digital marketing. They assist online marketers of all forms drive traffic to their websites, achieve leads, and boost profitably the sales and revenue of their e-commerce businesses.

At this point, based on the knowledge of what Google AdWords Expert mean and the related duties, it will, therefore, be great to mention some sagacious and ingenious Google AdWords Expert in the digital marketing industries that are worth following:

Purna Virji


Purna Virji is undoubtedly a woman of worth with great skills in the digital marketing world. She holds the position of the Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft. She was tagged by PPC Hero as the most influential pay-per-click expert and US Search Personality of the year, In 2016 and 2019 respectively.

 Her secret of outstanding excellence lies in his years of experience in search by specializing in SEO, CRO, content marketing, and voice search. She is a renowned personality with exceptional expertise.

Perry Marshall

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This is a man of great value in the digital marketing industries. Perry Marshall holds the office of the president of the Perry S. Marshall & Associates in Chicago. This company is basically into generating web traffic, sales leads and maximizing advertising results for online and brick-and-mortar businesses

It is rare to see someone that claims to know much about Google AdWords expert without knowing who Perry Marshall is. It was emphasized by Entrepreneur Magazine that he happens to be the ” world’s most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising “. What an awesome recognition!

Part of his achievements is his 7 didactic books to help people on their quest towards business growth. These books include Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising (2014), Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords (2014), 80/20 Sales and Marketing (Entrepreneur Press, 2013), and Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing (2016).

 For over a decade now, he has been a consultant to more than 300 industries. There are quite a number of cool things about him. Expressively to date, he remains as one of the Google AdWords Expert that can be followed.

Brad Geddes


Part of what makes experience is the duration of time spent in a particular place doing a specific thing. Brad Geddes is a man of experience and quality. For more than 15 years now, he has been offering a different variety of online consulting services such as product development, usability, product positioning, conversion optimization, and agency consulting.

His areas of expertise include managing SEO, PPC, display, social, and affiliate marketing campaigns. He is an exceptional entity in his field with an ingenious capability to have his way with complex aspects of PPC, SEO, and internet advertising.

Daniel Gilbert

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A lot of People don’t stress themselves anymore with issues that experts can do in the most amazing and easy way. One of the best people that Google AdWords has got is Daniel Gilbert. Distinctively, he was awarded recently by PPC Hero as the third Most Influential PPC Expert in the World.

 He also tops the list on the Deloitte Fast50 Tech Track and received the award of Agency of the Year at E-consultancy’s the Masters of Marketing. He is the founder of Brainlabs ( a fast-growing business in the UK and the USA). Speaking of where the story began, his career started with Google before he left to found his own company.

He is a prolific Google AdWords Expert that writes for Search Engine Land. Notably, he is known at HeroCof, Marketing Festival, SearchLove, XlickZ, and SMX as a regular conference speaker.

Lisa Raehsler


Lisa Raehsler is a popular digital marketing specialist that is consulted on high-level SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC for display, retargeting, search engine, and paid search campaigns.

Her expertise is clearly connected to her ability to translate new tech directly from Google AdWords and Bing AdWords into usable recommendations to assist in arriving at the best outcomes for target businesses.

Samantha Noble


For decades now, women have been so much active and impactful in the technology industries. One of these notable women is Samantha Noble. She is well-known for her sound competence as a conference speaker, keynote, and judge for different industry awards.

She is a successful and industrious marketing consultant that founded Biddable Moments and Digital Females. It has been ascertained that Samantha will judge, once again, the 2020 UK Biddable Media Awards

Justin Seibert


Another prominent person in the digital marketing industry is Justin Seibert. He is the president of one of the best 200 Premier Google Partner called Direct Online Marketing. The marketing company helps national companies and exporters to rapidly develop their businesses through SEO, PPC, retargeting, and media advertising.

Justin Seibert has incessantly been voted in by Hanapin Marketing for 3 years now as one of the best 25 Most influential PPC Advertising Experts. Going down the line of history, Justin remains since 2001 a pioneer in designing SEM campaigns—this was when he was helping a company in LA (Los Angeles) to grow their online marketing program from the start to a successful level (a multi-million dollars per year revenue).

 Justin is a regular at different conferences as a speaker and he has made it into different publications including Search Engine Strategies Magazine, Successful Dealer, the Pittsburgh Business Times and Advertising Age

Anders Hjorth


Anders Higorth is another Google AdWords consultant who for two decades has been equipped with quality experience in SEO, paid search, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media advertising. His knowledge, experience, and expertise helped in founding Innovell.

He is a creative online wizard that has created different online agencies. As a digital marketing specialist, he serves as a judge for Biddable Media Awards. Anders is a regular at Digital Marketing events as a speaker

 Bryan Eisenberg


Bryan Eisenberg is another well-known Google AdWords Expert who gained his popularity via online marketing with adequacy in increasing conversion rates and assisting businesses to grow their target customers. Bryan is a co-founder of FutureNow Inc. and IdealSpot, Inc., in 1998 and 2014, respectively. As a competent analyst, he co-founded the Web Analytics Association and stays as the Association’s Chairman Emeritus.

From his experience over the years, Bryan stands as a leading consultant or specialist in digital marketing. He also organizes impacting seminars for different companies including Overstock.com, Agora Publishing, Universal Orlando, AeroTek/Allegis Group, GE, Volvo, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, CafePress.com, LowerMyBills Dell, Computer Associates, and so on.

Tim Ash


Tim Ash is one of the A-list rated Google AdWords Expert. He is the Chief Executive Officer of SiteTuners— a CRO (conversion rate optimization) agency. He is a very smart technologist who has written two books(bestselling) on Landing Page Optimization.

Tim specializes in persuasion, user-centered design, and understanding online behavior, without leaving out landing page testing. He pioneered website CRO in the mid-’90s.

Tim has worked with different major US and foreign brands for more than two decades primarily to assist them to grow their web-based programs successfully. These brands include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Expedia, Canon, eHarmony, Nestle, Intuit, American Express, Symantec, Autodesk, and Sears. This is, honestly, a jawbreaking achievement!

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