PS5 Exclusives and Pricing: How Sony can Win Microsoft Easily?

PS5 exclusives and pricing are the two major factors of the next generation console from Sony that has so much hype surrounding it when compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The reasons are plenty because with its design, backwards compatibility claim and PC as a supporting platform, MS has moved to a completely different industry which is not the console zone.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is following its footsteps from two decades ago because the company believes exclusives sell consoles and they are definitely right, if market trends are to be believed. Besides, in a recent press meet, the company’s top executive further added that they will not make PS5 games run on PS4 as it will be a bottleneck for what the new console could offer.

PS5 Pricing

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The most crucial aspect is here because the PlayStation 3 was a console way ahead of its team. When it got launched for $599 for 60GB of storage, players were literally dumbstruck. During its initial stage, the device never gained momentum because of its exorbitant cost but later got multiple editions, more exclusive titles and became a decent player in the long run.

The PS5 pricing will play a crucial role so as to not lose its momentum gained through the runaway success of the PS4 console last gen. Most industry analysts predict $500 to be the base price for both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. The prediction is made based on the hardware specifications, SSD and other innovative additions.

The wildest guess is that the console would cost just $450 to undercut Xbox Series X but it will force Sony to keep selling their machine at a loss. The $500 price point seems fair but that is the maximum they could push the limits because $600 as the PS3 would once again affect sales, putting the company in a situation as bad as how it happened two generations ago.

PS5 Exclusives

• The Last of Us 3
• Ghost of Tsushima 2
• Spiderman 2
• God of War 2

These are the quick exclusive titles that we could think of even though they will be rehashed from their originals in order to sell more systems. Besides, Sony PS5 exclusives and pricing should be balanced along with a couple of new arrivals so as to keep selling systems in the next five years. Besides, we also know that a PS5 Pro will also be made considering how console industry is handling mid-gen crisis these years.

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Sony PS5 event is set for June 4th during which a lot of information should be revealed along with the console design, we hope.

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