Call of Duty to Combat Racism In-Game with Better Reporting System

Activision and Blizzard started to show their share for the protest by postponing the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Pass 4. In a recent update, Call of Duty to combat racism and they have highlighted it by using pure black user interface as soon as you login to the game. Besides, the developers have also put up welcome notifications that showcase their solidarity for the protest.

The developers inside Modern Warfare has taken several steps to ensure racism is eradicated in the digital world. It will help the community understand that such a notion is wrong and will also help bring in those ideas to the real world eventually. The concept of cheating in-game has been met with great criticism in Warzone and other COD games which now takes backstage during this period.

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They further clarified that lots of new measures will be in place including faster banning if reported to have made a racial slur, improved reporting system to help the victims and to ensure the monitoring setup is much more strong than it has been. All these may sound trivial at this point inside a single game but it is the first step towards curbing the issue on all platforms and also to make solid changes in the law.

While Twitter users continue to backlash on Activision and Blizzard for not supporting Hong Kong protests, they do show their solidarity for Black Lives Matter slogan. All the major developers including Apple, Microsoft among others have expressed their views in whatever way it is possible as protests continue to rage around the globe in several countries.

Rockstar has closed their online servers for Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5, disallowing players to play the game. If Call of Duty to combat racism is a good thing, if they would do something similar like blocking servers, they should probably answer the gaming community because players paid their cash to own the Battle Pass and the game primarily to play during this lockdown period.

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