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Crysis Remastered Release Date and Trailer Leaks Online


Crysis is a hot title because this is one game that smothered high-end gaming PCs more than a decade ago. Can it run Crysis was the most popular quote of the time! Bringing back the solid game and its insanely demanding graphical fidelity, the new title which is yet to be officially announced has got leaked earlier than expected. Crysis Remastered release date and trailer along with a couple of screenshots got leaked online.

Players who were looking forward to purchase this title and check if their modern-age Nvidia RTX 2080 Super could handle it can rejoice now. After all, what better can push the limits than Crysis because Cyberpunk 2077 is far from getting released due to continuous delay in development and is expected to be out somewhere in the end of 2020.

Trailer Leaked

You can watch trailer here which is now all over Twitter as leaked by Wario64. The Twitter ID has had a solid reputation of leaking solid content before their official reveal. Besides, we all know that the remastered version of this game is under development and should be out anytime soon, hosted on the brand new Crytek engine.

The new engine combined with improved graphics will push the size of the game up to 7GB but that is puny numbers compared to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Most modern titles push to 100GB like Gears of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 but being a 13 year old, it definitely looks great with crisp details and an excellent new world to explore.

Throughout the years, it has been the benchmark title for anyone to check a new PC build. Crysis Remastered release date is expected to be released somewhere before the end of July. The official trailer will be out tomorrow if we are to believe the leak. And, the game would also run on Nintendo Switch this time!

iPhone 12 4G Edition Will be the Most Affordable at Just $549


Purchasing a 5G smartphone in early 2021 may not be worth the pain for most people because of how expensive these models are. In order to not alienate their customers, Apple will launch the iPhone 12 4G edition and it is going to be an extremely affordable alternative at just $549.

Apple’s concept of being the most expensive company in the world is changing a lot these days. The company’s recent launch of the iPhone SE 2020 was priced at $399 and that is possibly the cheapest any iPhone could get today. Besides, with economic situations smothering people worldwide, it is no wonder there is a sudden hike in affordable products because they are easier to purchase and get the job done.

Instead of convincing buyers to spend over a $1000 on their 5G smartphone, the new iPhone 12 4G edition will be innovative in lots of different ways. In recent news, it was revealed that the phone may get shipped with a 20W charger bundled in it. It will also usher in USB Type C port for the first time on an iPhone which brings in a better situation for manufacturers and users. You should probably be able to charge it quickly using most other chargers or a Type C cable if you have one lying in your home.

Apple according to the Twitter leakster on Omega Leaks and Rumors, will launch an entry level iPhone 12 4G edition priced at $549 while the iPhone 12 Max will be more expensive at $649. Either way, these are still affordable smartphones for most buyers. Even if you are looking for a larger display, it wouldn’t hurt to spend more to own it instead of having to go for the more expensive iPhone 12 5G variant.

It is speculated that Apple will launch four variants of iPhone 12 with 5G but considering these two models, it goes up to six models. With months to go before the official launch, this is going to be a long wait before we know for sure.

Oculus Go VR Headset Discontinued as Facebook Moves to Oculus Rift and Quest


Oculus Go is the most affordable virtual reality headset released by Facebook in association with Oculus a couple of years ago. While it was unique for its time, it is not powerful enough for people to actually use it as a real headset. Oculus Go VR headset discontinued is the latest update from the company as they move on to their other products.

At launch, the product was extremely affordable at just $200 and was considered a solution for everyone who are curious about the system. In practical terms, you needed a $2000 PC to run the Oculus Rift headset and the headset cost another $500 or $1000 in some editions, making it the most expensive hobby that one could pursue.

Facebook put an end to it with this launch as you could watch movies in a theater in this product, enjoy games using the single controller but it wouldn’t track the movement of your body or the other hand. The newly launched Oculus Quest is much more responsive with dual controllers, better movement tracking and most important a real VR headset when compared to the minimal experience offered by the Oculus Go.

In their official statement, it has been confirmed that Oculus Go VR headset discontinued date is on 4th of December, 2020. The year end will witness the end of this glorious product which made VR most affordable at just $150 with a price cut.

App and game developers will no longer be able to launch their new products on the platform. Everything that is available already will continue to be on it. Besides, all developers can roll out bug fixes and provide support for their existing products while new games or apps will not be added for Oculus Go as confirmed by the statement. It is sad to see it go but Oculus Quest is there to keep VR enthusiasts busy.

Electronic Arts Reveals 7 Game Launches For Nintendo Switch


Electronic Arts is moving towards a different marketing style as the company has revealed they will be bringing almost all of their games to Steam platform on PC. Origin was originally the only way to download and play games like Battlefield or The Sims. They also have 7 different titles lined up for Nintendo Switch and some of them are AAA titles.

Being able to play FIFA 21 on your Switch while you are on a train or simply have some free hours during office would be super fun. The developers have also confirmed that they would launch Burnout Remastered which is an addition that nostalgic gamers would look forward to, especially when it is available on a Nintendo console.

The racing game has never felt old despite being around for more than a decade now and continues to stay fresh because of the burnout concept. A big reveal is the inclusion of Apex Legends, the most sought after competitive game of the season. When it launches on Nintendo Switch, you will actually be able to compete with lots of gamers online and on multiple platforms, if it supports crossplay.

According to the EA conference, almost all their multiplayer titles are going to support cross play in the near future. While it might not be easy to aim your gun against gamers from PC or PS4, it still allows you to join your friends who are already playing Apex Legends.

A slew of other games are also set for launch on the Switch console by Electronic Arts including Grubb, Lost in Random and Plans Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville. With so many amazing games and adding up to the list is Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, an old classic racer, it is hard to ignore the Switch now. The decision to allow lots of other platformers and game titles into the Nintendo ecosystem is sure paying off big time, as players could finally enjoy more than just Mario on this hybrid gaming console.

Mi TV Stick Rivals Fire TV Stick, Pricing and Specs Revealed


Ever since Amazon Fire TV Stick beat Google Chromecast, it has been the sole and powerful player in the HD and 4K streaming market. Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer is coming out with an answer. The Mi TV Stick rivals Fire TV Stick directly which is confirmed by the specifications of the hardware and its aggressive pricing.

The product is now listed on GearBest and AliExpress for people who are interested in importing it to USA or any other part of the world where you live in. The stick from Xiaomi will find an official launch window first in countries like China, India where it has its major user base. It may get launched later in Europe and USA if it proves to be a huge success in their home markets.


The full HD 1080p stick will set you back by $49 which is extremely affordable similar to how Chromecast changed the market in the past. The 4K Mi TV Stick will cost $133 and it is not the confirmed pricing but should be very close to the original price when the product gets officially launched on major websites.

Hardware Specs

The 4K Mi TV Stick is the most powerful of the two as it is equipped with a 2.0GHz quad core processor with Mali G31 MP2 GPU and 2GB of RAM. The product also has 8GB of storage space while it supports Dolby Audio and DTS surround for a perfect home theater experience. It supports 4K videos and has dedicated buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix on the remote for quick access to your favorite apps.

Based on the information available so far, the Mi TV stick rivals Fire TV stick directly in terms of pricing, hardware and is expected to launch before the end of this month. It will be available in select markets first before a global release.

2020 Apple TV 6 Sports A12X Bionic Chip and be More Powerful than iPad Pros


With the big Apple event just around the corner, lots of new products are expected to be announced. Based on the rumors and the fact that they launched their last TV product a couple of years ago, the 2020 Apple TV 6 is nearly confirmed at this point.

The product is expected to sport an extremely powerful A12X bionic chipset and as always Apple will not launch a new one for couple of years. The extreme power may sound like an overkill at this point and will also increase the pricing of the product. However, in the long run for the next couple of years it should be able to seamlessly stream 4K videos or even 8K if it becomes a thing in the next five years.

Based on the leaked information, a tipster claims that the 2020 Apple TV 6 will be much more powerful than it has ever been. The solution has been found because the engineers in the company have managed to balance the heat dissipation in the streaming device. In theory, it will make it much more powerful than the 2020 iPad Pro.

The most expensive Pro version of the tablet is more powerful than most PCs spread around the world. But, it looks like Apple is going to break their own benchmark by offering a device that is extensively powerful, capable of playing 4K HDR content and will also be able to play all the AAA games available in their ecosystem.

In another test, the 15-inch MacBook Pro released in 2018 featured the Intel i7 processor but the 2020 Apple TV 6 can even beat it, making it an excellent device. The pricing, specifications and other information is expected to be revealed at Apple WWDC 2020 event set for the 22nd of June this year.

This is Asus ROG Phone III and its Key Specs – Plus a Leaked Image!


The Asus ROG Phone III has a great fan following and it can comfortably witness some huge sales on launch day. The phone won the best device of the decade award from popular review websites and YouTubers in the past. The team somehow managed to offer the best of everything and is coming back with the third edition of their device.

The leaks can never be stopped which is why we have yet another leaked photograph of the device itself. The hardware specifications as always have been quite impressive as we know that it will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. Similar to how it works on PCs, Asus will choose to overclock the processor for maximum performance and to make it a portable gaming machine for people who love it.

After all, most buyers who love the ROG Phone series is because of its excellent heat dissipation and performance that makes gaming a fun thing to do on it. The display will be rather large at 6.59-inches and OLED panel ensures you can also enjoy Netflix among other streaming content with amazing picture clarity. The phone will further push the limits by offering 16GB of RAM with a massive 6,000mAh battery.

If you are worried how long it might take to charge this tablet-sized battery, the manufacturer offers 30W fast charging capacity. The entire device should probably get charged in an hour or so, if we are to believe some of the leaked benchmarks. The phone will be bit heavier at 240 grams with a dual camera setup on the back and a solid cooling mechanism which includes liquid cooling, as we spotted in the ROG Phone II.

The Asus ROG Phone III is close to launch based on the leaks and it was also spotted on EEC certification. If priced right, it could be yet another amazing choice for both gamers and power smartphone users with a long battery life.

Xbox One June 2020 Update Shows Your Games’ Source


Microsoft Xbox owners often have to manually find if the game showing up on their home screen is from Game Pass, Origin or maybe Xbox Live gold. The latest news confirmed that Xbox One June 2020 update will put an end to this confusion finally and enable you to manage your library in a much better way.

Gone are the days when 1 terabyte of space was considered to be a mammoth size for a console. Activision’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a big time offender since 2019 that occupies close to 200GB on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. While it remains the same on PCs too, the Master Race might probably spend more dollars to ensure they don’t have to delete another game from their library.

The new update will denote where your games’ source is making it easier to know if you own it, if it is going out of Game Pass soon or you could delete it to make space for a brand new AAA title. Managing space is often a nightmare even if you have an external drive for your console and knowing where the game comes from should make the decision of whether to keep or delete it a much easier process.

With the Xbox One June 2020 update, according to the screenshot a big tag on the game’s cover will let you know if it is part of Xbox Game Pass. After all, there are literally over a 100 titles on the subscription service and some of them may not last long on it. At the same time, you will also know if it is from Live Gold or Origin Access to make up your mind quickly to download and update or a completely new game to check it out.

Microsoft often rolls out lots of new things, some not loved by the community but they continue to innovate in the space and we opine the new June 2020 update will have plenty more minor yet useful tweaks for gamers.

LG 5G Velvet Europe Release Date Confirmed, US Launch Soon


LG has come up with a mid-range smartphone and affordable devices are the big choices these days. Instead of spending $1000 or more on a phone you would just use for calling and texting, people prefer to go minimalistic. The LG 5G Velvet Europe release date has just been confirmed which is somewhere in June and it will also land in the USA soon, for those who are looking forward to a branded, budget phone.

Despite being priced right at a point that is affordable for most buyers, the LG 5G Velvet packs in some great hardware specifications and a decent design. The phone packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor which is more than enough for your everyday tasks. It further includes a generous 6GB of RAM to keep your device snappy and a 4,300mAh battery to last an entire day of use without any disruption.

The phone sports a 6.8-inch OLED display which is quite a large one but if you love movies and gaming, this one should definitely tick the right boxes. The surprising factor is that it retains the 3.5mm headphone jack even in 2020 combined with a SD card slot to further expand your storage. The device supports dual screen case which stands for a technology that allows you to buy two phones and use it as a single device that you could flip close.

The pricing of the LG 5G Velvet is expected to be around $700 which is quite easy to own if you are going with your cellular company’s plan. While we know the LG 5G Velvet Europe release date is this month, the actual pricing of the device in the region is yet to be officially confirmed. In the following weeks, the company further confirmed that the Velvet will not only be made available in USA but also in Middle East, Asia and Africa.

With bundled accessories and better discounts, this flagship-like phone with a great display and a 48-megapixel primary camera could become another bestseller during these times when people think twice before investing huge sum on a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Specs Leaked Earlier on Geekbench


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the new arrival which comes with a lot of interesting features, a possible premium price tag and it got revealed just a day ago. It looks like that was not the only product in the company’s lineup because another new update confirmed Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ specs leaked on Geekbench.

The leak happened much earlier than originally intended because brands always love to keep their products under wrap until the official big reveal. This particular product is large and is aimed towards productive people, content creators as well as those who love to consume media content on the go.

According to the Geekbench reports which is a website known for benchmarking products before their official launch, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is identified by the model number SM-T976B. The device much to the delight of buyers who are looking forward to buy it runs on Android 10 operating system out of the box.

While we all know that Android 10 is the supposed to be platform today, there are some devices that doesn’t stick to this trend. They are still being shipped with Android 9 which is an older version and may not provide all the updated features available in the latest operating system. Apart from that, the specs sheet also indicate the tablet to have 6GB of RAM which is ideal for most apps and games. You will be able to keep them all open for immediate access instead of having to close them all repeatedly.

Another great aspect from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ specs leaked info is that it features Snapdragon 865 processor. The latest SoC will ensure you get the most immersive media and content creation experience on a portable like no other. The large S7+ sports a 12.4-inch 120Hz display but it is yet to be officially confirmed. The device supports 5G and has a 9,800mAh battery according to rumors.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Price Prediction – How Affordable Will it Be?


Sony unveiled the PS5 in a grand event with lots of exclusive titles and indie game trailers. However, the big news is the PlayStation 5 digital edition price prediction because is it going to be really affordable? After all, just by removing a disc tray, no company can offer $100 or more discount because Xbox All Digital Edition was just $250, $50 lesser than the original model.

The pricing is going to play a huge role in this generation because similar to how smartphones work, consoles have become inexplicably expensive. Users are skeptical about investing in a brand new product with very little games to play. Besides, you are supposed to purchase all those games after spending a hefty sum on the machine.

Is it just for $50 price cut?

Sony is planning more than what seems with the PS5 digital edition. From a customer’s viewpoint, the $500 console if priced at $450 will definitely sound cheaper. Besides, if they could bundle some free games with the package will further sweeten the deal. The overall picture is not about the minor price reduction but rather embracing games as a service so as to pave way for something like the Xbox Game Pass.

Game Pass for PS5?

While there is no word on a subscription based gaming service for the PlayStation 5, it won’t be surprising if Sony would offer one just for their exclusive titles. When you sign up, you will have access to all their games like God of War, Uncharted among others. It makes it easier to reduce the cost of the subscription and an all-digital edition would be in perfect sync with this idea.

The upcoming PlayStation 5 digital edition price prediction is easy because it might be $50 less if the original console is $500 but Sony is looking at a futuristic picture. It is what drove them to launch two consoles at the same time with such an innovative design and stealthy new look.

Bang & Olufsen Xbox Partnership Signed to Create High-end Gaming Audio Hardware


Bang & Olufsen has a long standing name as one of the premium audio products manufacturer in the audiophile community. In an unexpected announcement, the Bang & Olufsen Xbox partnership has been confirmed which will pave way for more exciting ways to enjoy your game, music and movies on your Xbox console.

In the past, gaming consoles were seen as machines that just allow you to play games. Things changed when Twitch streamers started using it as a commercial medium to stream their games live to a massive list of online followers. It required professional audio equipment such as microphone, headphones and web cameras to be connected to a console. PlayStation 4 launched the PSVR which introduced virtual reality and the innovation continues with this new collaboration.

In their official statement, Christoffer Poulsen, VP at Bang & Olufsen said, “We are extremely excited and honored to enter the gaming industry with a prestigious partner like Xbox. The console is a strong platform where sound plays a huge role and our technical expertise will allow us to provide an outstanding experience on a wide range of hardware choices. We are looking forward to increase its potential.”

Xbox’s head of hardware, Matt Kesselring commented that they are excited to bring premium tier audio to the Xbox fans. People will soon have more choices to play the game they prefer in their own way and also enhance its audio capabilities. The new Xbox Series X supports 4K HDR gaming and it is not just visual improvements to look forward to but something in the audio segment as part of Bang & Olufsen Xbox partnership which will provide a wholesome experience.

Both Sony and Microsoft are paving their own path for the next generation consoles ready for launch in 2020. While Sony’s PS5 will be on VR and exclusive titles, Xbox is going the PC route with more power, third party titles and high-end audio which is new for the console community.

Razer Kishi, Android Gaming Controller Now Up for Sale at $80


The annual CES 2020 meet seems like it happened a decade ago considering how the situation is around the world. Despite all the pandemic situation, companies are doing their best to keep sales and products as normal as possible. After all, gaming during lockdown is considered a popular option even by the WHO. Razer Kishi, Android gaming controller which was originally unveiled at CES 2020 is now available for sale.

Similar to how Razer has always priced their accessories and peripherals quite expensive, the Kishi is not a cheap solution from a Chinese manufacturer. Instead, if you are a serious Android gamer and have plenty of titles on your phone or even own an Asus gaming phone, you should get this one. It instantly converts your phone into a gaming platform similar to the PS Vita or maybe the Nintendo Switch handheld console.

Being a branded product assures the best quality of plastic used for the build. If there are any connectivity issues, you will be able to comfortably redeem it from the official seller Razer. All these premium features demand an expensive price tag of $80 and if you are already into PC gaming or even on consoles, probably this wouldn’t sound too expensive to your liking.

Razer Kishi Android gaming controller is now available in major markets. The design looks quite similar to the Nintendo Switch Joy Cons. The D-Pad paves way for an immersive gaming experience as you would do on an Xbox controller even though you will be playing the game on a mobile platform. It is also designed in a such a way that the connection is done using the USB C port on your phone which gets rid of any latency issues.

Razer has made it compatible with Google Stadia, the cloud gaming streaming service. An iPhone compatible version of the Kishi is in the making and let’s hope it is not more expensive than this Android controller.

Motorola Budget Phones Moto G Fast and Moto E Priced Below $200


The budget phones are super popular these days and Apple iPhone SE 2020 just nailed it at just $400. People have little cash flow if the pandemic news is to be believed and buying a $1500 smartphone seems out of the question. Motorola budget phones have always saved the brand and this time, they have come up with two different models; Moto G Fast and Moto E priced below the $200 mark.

The Moto E boasts of a large battery life powered by a 3550mAh battery. With normal usage, the company makes an exorbitant claim of two days. The screen is pretty huge at 6.2-inches and supports Max Vision HD+ which is supposed to make movies and television series look brighter. The phone also promises to allow 15 days of standby, an amazing feature for people who are traveling and need a reliable device for use on the go.

Under the hood, the Moto E is powered by Snapdragon 632 processor that is fast enough but also energy efficient. It runs on Android 10 while the Moto G Fast is more powerful with Snapdragon 665 processor. The phone uses 3GB of RAM with a triple camera setup and has 32GB built-in storage. It also supports micro SD card slot for further expansion up to 512GB.

The second model, Moto G Fast has an even larger screen measured at 6.4-inches with HD+ resolution and Max Vision display. The phone has a larger battery capacity at 4000mAh and runs on Android 10 but is expected to get an update when Google rolls out the next OS version. The phones costs $199 while the Moto E sells for $149 with major retailers.

Motorola budget phones are definitely the need of the hour as millions of users worldwide trust the brand. Besides, being so easy to buy saves a lot of money and the commitment of having to pay for device for two whole years combined with a cellular plan. The battery life is the highlight and the company also delivers their Moto G Fast and Moto E with near vanilla Android experience.

Gmail Dark Mode on iPad and iPhone Officially Launched


The concept of dark mode is still coveted for lots of apps and software programs. While Microsoft struggles to introduce it in Windows 10 apps, folders, Apple is working on Mac and iOS launches. After several delays and missed promises, gmail dark mode on iPad and iPhone has finally be rolled out much to the delight of users with OLED screens.

The latest version of Gmail available in app store is 6.0.200519 and if you download it, you should be able to change the settings so as to have permanent dark mode in your app. It works seamlessly on both iPhone and iPad. While it has been confirmed that the roll out will be handled in sequential order, a large number of users have already reported in forums and Reddit that they have received dark mode on their respective devices.

Once you are sure you have installed the latest version of the Gmail app, open the application on your device. The three lines on the top of the screen is where you should start. Click on it to open up the settings menu. You are supposed to customize this part so that the app would always display the dark mode for your convenience. It is supposed to reduce eye strain and ensure you can use your phone even in pitch black conditions.

Apps like Instagram, Facebook are already following suit as most content on phones and desktop PCs are evolving into this night mode concept. Click on the theme section so that you can default your iPhone to have Gmail dark mode switched on always. There are other options available too including light, dark or system default. The advantage of having system default is that it allows you to change between dark and light modes based on your phone’s settings. It is an automatic process that works in the morning as well as when you turn down to reduce light glare for easier access to apps.

The settings screen may slightly vary if you are running on iOS 11 or iOS 12 as it will enable you to toggle dark theme as an option.

Call of Duty to Combat Racism In-Game with Better Reporting System


Activision and Blizzard started to show their share for the protest by postponing the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Pass 4. In a recent update, Call of Duty to combat racism and they have highlighted it by using pure black user interface as soon as you login to the game. Besides, the developers have also put up welcome notifications that showcase their solidarity for the protest.

The developers inside Modern Warfare has taken several steps to ensure racism is eradicated in the digital world. It will help the community understand that such a notion is wrong and will also help bring in those ideas to the real world eventually. The concept of cheating in-game has been met with great criticism in Warzone and other COD games which now takes backstage during this period.

They further clarified that lots of new measures will be in place including faster banning if reported to have made a racial slur, improved reporting system to help the victims and to ensure the monitoring setup is much more strong than it has been. All these may sound trivial at this point inside a single game but it is the first step towards curbing the issue on all platforms and also to make solid changes in the law.

While Twitter users continue to backlash on Activision and Blizzard for not supporting Hong Kong protests, they do show their solidarity for Black Lives Matter slogan. All the major developers including Apple, Microsoft among others have expressed their views in whatever way it is possible as protests continue to rage around the globe in several countries.

Rockstar has closed their online servers for Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5, disallowing players to play the game. If Call of Duty to combat racism is a good thing, if they would do something similar like blocking servers, they should probably answer the gaming community because players paid their cash to own the Battle Pass and the game primarily to play during this lockdown period.

Chrome 85 Supports File Drop, Drag & Drop Will No Longer Frustrate You


Google Chrome 85 as part of its big update is going to make the digital life less painful for people who often drag and drop image files to a browser window. Frustrating you to the core, it always opens an image preview much to your dismay. Chrome 85 supports file drop as part of the upcoming update on all Chromium based browsers.

The information was announced by Eric Lawrence, developer of Microsoft Edge, which is a Chromium based browser. The Windows browser will also see a global release as part of the monthly update and it will make it easier for you to upload an image.

The drag and drop feature may sound extremely simple but people often tend to do it. When you try to click on an image and leave it on a browser, to be uploaded to social media it will simply open a preview. The entire process becomes really frustrating when you don’t have a choice but to download the image, click on the upload button and do it one more time which extends the process time by a considerable period.

Another common issue that developers faced was the websites wouldn’t support this feature. Even though, most social media websites would want you to upload a picture and showcase your life, they wouldn’t make it easier on desktops and laptops. Compared to a desktop version of Facebook or Instagram, smartphone apps are much easier to use and more intuitive.

Losing access to a website that you are already working on will be difficult to manage because if there is work on it, not saved could easily get lost in this chaos. Chrome 85 supports file drop which is yet another step towards perfection and to make productive users’ life easier on the desktop platform. It is expected to be available in the following weeks.

Sega’s Game Gear Micro is New Gen Handheld Gaming


Have you ever wanted to have a handheld gaming console that fits in the palm of your hand? Sega’s Game Gear Micro truly justifies the name by bringing in a new generation of handheld gaming.

The company with a view to commemorate the 60th anniversary launched this micro mini console for which you need two small thumbs to play properly. While many big time fans were expecting a version of Dreamcast or Saturn to get launched, Sega for some odd reason decided to go with the Game Gear.

As it has always been, Sega is not going to launch this globally but focusing on a Japanese release for now. Some may be willing to pay an increased amount to import the tiny piece of technology and play it in their home country. The entire product measures just 80mm in width and has a miniscule 1.15-inches screen on which you are going to enjoy your play time.

The product is available in four different colors and you will receive a collection of games on each one of them. For collector’s the company offers a bundled four pack so that you can get a collection of all the popular titles on the Sega’s Game Gear Micro in its new format.

The black edition has Sonic, Out Run, Royal Stone and Puyo Puyo Tsu. While you will get Sonic & Tails on the blue edition, you can also get Gunstar Heroes, Sylvan Tale and Baku Baku Animal. Yellow variant includes Shining Force series including the first, second and Final Conflict along with Nazo Puyo Aruru No Ru. Red edition includes Megami Tensei Gaiden, Columns and Game Gear Shinobi.

Sega Game Gear Micro sells for 4980 Japanese Yen and is approximately $45 which will get launched on 6th of October which is still a couple of months away from now.

Android 11 Beta Release Date Postponed to an Undisclosed Date


Google had little choice when it comes to the current situation in the USA amidst protests and pandemic issues. The company clarified that it is not the time to celebrate and clarified that the Android 11 beta release date which was originally set for 3rd June, 2020 has been postponed.

The company didn’t clarify when they actually plan to reveal the beta because it will take a couple of months before the full version gets launched towards the end of the year. When it does, developers and smartphone manufacturers like Samsung has to work on Android 11, so as to customize it to suit their own ecosystem that leads to rollouts to flagships in 2021.

While it is not all bad news that Google decided to not bring out Android 11 now, it does delay the process further. They clarified with a simple tweet that when something new is getting launched, it is supposed to be a celebration. The grim mood that prevails in USA and the rest of the world create a situation where it is not possible to talk about the features in a mobile operating system.

However, the upcoming launch will definitely be an exciting one. Google is moving towards a more Apple iOS-like approach where the devices and the software will work hand-in-hand so as to deliver a smooth experience. When companies like OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi could achieve it with their own skin on Android operating system, it shouldn’t be such a difficult task for the original creators of the open source operating system.

We could probably expect an announcement on Android 11 beta release date in the month of July after which towards the end of the year, it will get its full version launched on the new Pixel smartphones. They are not the best phones around but continue to be the platform for newer OS versions to be revealed.

PS5 Exclusives and Pricing: How Sony can Win Microsoft Easily?


PS5 exclusives and pricing are the two major factors of the next generation console from Sony that has so much hype surrounding it when compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The reasons are plenty because with its design, backwards compatibility claim and PC as a supporting platform, MS has moved to a completely different industry which is not the console zone.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is following its footsteps from two decades ago because the company believes exclusives sell consoles and they are definitely right, if market trends are to be believed. Besides, in a recent press meet, the company’s top executive further added that they will not make PS5 games run on PS4 as it will be a bottleneck for what the new console could offer.

PS5 Pricing

The most crucial aspect is here because the PlayStation 3 was a console way ahead of its team. When it got launched for $599 for 60GB of storage, players were literally dumbstruck. During its initial stage, the device never gained momentum because of its exorbitant cost but later got multiple editions, more exclusive titles and became a decent player in the long run.

The PS5 pricing will play a crucial role so as to not lose its momentum gained through the runaway success of the PS4 console last gen. Most industry analysts predict $500 to be the base price for both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. The prediction is made based on the hardware specifications, SSD and other innovative additions.

The wildest guess is that the console would cost just $450 to undercut Xbox Series X but it will force Sony to keep selling their machine at a loss. The $500 price point seems fair but that is the maximum they could push the limits because $600 as the PS3 would once again affect sales, putting the company in a situation as bad as how it happened two generations ago.

PS5 Exclusives

• The Last of Us 3
• Ghost of Tsushima 2
• Spiderman 2
• God of War 2

These are the quick exclusive titles that we could think of even though they will be rehashed from their originals in order to sell more systems. Besides, Sony PS5 exclusives and pricing should be balanced along with a couple of new arrivals so as to keep selling systems in the next five years. Besides, we also know that a PS5 Pro will also be made considering how console industry is handling mid-gen crisis these years.

Sony PS5 event is set for June 4th during which a lot of information should be revealed along with the console design, we hope.